Star Wars Battlefront PC Version Has No Splitscreen

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It doesn’t take Jedi abilities to sense that fans of Electronic Arts’ and DICE‘s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront revival are more than ready to get their hands on a copy of the title. While many gamers are expecting the sci-fi game’s reboot to be a resounding success, some are meeting the hype with skepticism, claiming that Star Wars Battlefront has the potential to be nothing more than a retread of the studios’ first-person shooter past. However, the development team over at DICE is asking for fans to trust them, ensuring everyone that the upcoming release is not a Battlefield clone.

A few short days ago, just so the game developers can clear the air on a few issues and reassure dubious fans, Star Wars Battlefront‘s Community Manager Matthew Everett made a blog post on Electronic Arts‘ website to answer some of the public’s pressing questions in a Q&A compilation. Among the queries that received a reply, one that stuck out the most for a lot of people was the confirmation that, unlike Star Wars Battlefront‘s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports, its PC version will not have split-screen in multiplayer.

Since Star Wars Battlefront supports two-player split screen for its Missions mode, fans looking to play through the title on their computer with a buddy right beside them will be sorely disappointed. Furthermore, these missions are completely divorced from the action game’s standard multiplayer mode, but they can be played offline or online for credit rewards that people can use to purchase unlocks. Although, as previously mentioned, couch co-op is only available for the console models.

Star Wars Battlefront Snowspeeder Hoth

That said, the announcement regarding split-screen really should come as no surprise, since most PC gamers use their rigs to play releases with their friends via Internet connection. However, it’s always nice to have the option available if need be, especially if one might have a penchant for offline LAN parties. Occasionally, the added element of actually having someone else playing nearby can boost multiplayer games’ fun factors, if only for the sake of post-game camaraderie.

Regardless, beyond split-screen capabilities, Everett goes on to discuss spawns for vehicles in Battlefront‘s Walker Assault, relaying that finding and activating power-ups on the map instantaneously put players in the transport. Plus, the Community Manager makes it clear that Y-Wings are non-player controlled support vehicles that can be called into battle during certain game modes.

Even though there are dissenters saying that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will ruin the franchise, when all’s said and done, fans of the series should be pleasantly surprised once the action title is finally available to buy. And if anything, the ability to fly the Millennium Falcon ought to provide gamers with plenty of joy.

Star Wars Battlefront is set for release on November 14, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Electronic Arts (via GameSpot)