‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Resolution Still Unconfirmed, Ewoks Will Make An Appearance

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Up until this point, the team at DICE has been doing everything in its power to keep the Star Wars Battlefront hype train moving forward. The team teased fans with tweets before the game’s trailer debut, hinting that the current-gen and PC graphics would break the internet. Now that the rendered in-engine cinematic trailer has arrived and more details are slowly leaking out, the developers are ready to start curbing the hyperbole and offer some more concrete information.

Although we have only seen a few snippets of actual gameplay, the cinematic trailer definitely suggests that the game will have some of the most impressive graphics that we’ve seen in the current console generation. While harnessing the power of the PS4, Xbox One, and high-end PCs, DICE should be able to deliver the most visually-stunning Star Wars game yet. Thanks to a few unconfirmed rumors, players have already started to speculate about the game’s FPS and resolution.

As rumors of 720p and 900p resolution continue to swirl on Reddit, an official rep from Electronic Arts has stepped in to remind gamers that no announcements have been made about the game’s resolution yet.

“No one said anything about resolution. If you have heard anything otherwise, it’s a rumor. We have only confirmed the game will run at 60FPS.”

Star Wars Battlefront Endor Troops

The announcement may make some gamers nervous that the resolution will be lower than expected, but there’s no real reason to think that at this point. At the end of the day, it’s still the minority of gamers who are concerned with resolution specs, but to face off in a showdown with Halo 5 as the biggest game of the holiday 2015 shopping season, the extra high resolution would definitely help give the game a fighting chance.

In addition to addressing concerns about the game’s resolution, the EA team has also been active on Reddit addressing other concerns. The following response was issued by the same EA rep after a question about the game’s PC specs.

“With the Frostbite engine and the inclusion of full PBR, the game isn’t just like Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 4. Once the team has the game into its Beta phase, they can start testing the game on 100s if not thousands of PC systems and find the minimum spec required to run the game. It might end up being the same as Battlefield Hardline or even Battlefield 4. But until those tests can take place, we can’t commit to specs / details. Being a fairly hardcore PC gamer, I want to know the specs as well. But… my PC is powerful, so [I’m] not worried. But I know you guys are and want to get you that info as soon as we can.”

Clearly, there is still a lot of testing to be done before gamers can have a clear breakdown of recommend specs for high performance. In the rest of the chat the rep went on to confirm that Ewoks will appear in the game and give a little more detail about the number of maps.

“It’s 12 multiplayer maps total and even more locations among the planets for Star Wars Battlefront Missions. We have not confirmed the precise count per planet. The maps will offer a nice mix of locations and environments. Stay tuned as we reveal new maps, modes, etc. in the months ahead… Fairly sure we never said ‘three maps per planet.’ I know we said 12 multiplayer maps with even more if you include Missions.”

After seeing the harsh reaction that Destiny players had at launch when each planet only had a handful of locations, hopefully Battlefront will give players more of a chance to explore each world and get a sense of their size. Twelve multiplayer maps plus more content for Missions seems like a solid start, so hopefully there is a enough content to keep the community active and engaged between the inevitable DLC packs.

How important is the game’s resolution to you? Do you think there will be enough maps to keep players busy at launch? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit