DICE Never Wanted Star Wars Battlefront To Be A Battlefield Style Game

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Star Wars Battlefront Tatooine

After acquiring the Star Wars license to make games back in 2013, EA has been hard at work on a number of projects including a brand new Star Wars Battlefront from DICE. Previously, Battlefront has been missing from the public eye for quiet a while with a rumored third game in the series was unceremoniously canceled once Disney acquired LucasArts.

As giddy as fans were to see a brand new Battlefront title officially in development, all eyes were glued to EA’s E3 2015 press conference where the company gave fans a look at actual gameplay. Even with all the excitement, some fans worried that perhaps this title would be nothing more than a Star Wars skin over Battlefield-style gameplay.

To help alleviate those fears, DICE general manager, Patrick Bach, confirmed in an interview with The Guardian that the studio has always viewed Star Wars Battlefront as it’s own title, and not a simple reskin of Battlefield. DICE has also been focusing on what made the first two Battlefront games great and taking out features that don’t fit, including squads, environmental destruction, and deep customization – all things heavily associated with DICE’s other big shooter franchise.

“We have a strong legacy with Battlefield, but we did not want this to be a Battlefield game. We wanted it to have a heart and soul of its own. We came at it from a very different angle. We know that the core audience of a game like this is different to the Battlefield audience. There’s a crossover, but Star Wars fans expect a Star Wars game, not a Battlefield game. We looked at what Star Wars stands for, rather than asking how can we tweak Battlefield to be something else.”

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT

Bach also went on to say that the studio is going to be living with certain negativity and concerns until the game is available for purchase giving fans a chance to finally play the title for themselves. During E3, many fans who held concerns over the title came away impressed and excited after going hands on with the game.

“We’ve had to accept the fact that people will be upset with us until they get to play it. And when people did play it at E3 almost all the negativity went away. We stayed true to what we believed in, and when people saw it, they got it, they agreed that this is a game on its own, it is not Battlefield, and they liked it.”

This sentiment is also something Nintendo is facing currently with it’s recently announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force title on the 3DS. Most fans reacted negatively to the title as it’s not a traditional Metroid-style game. While Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, acknowledged the criticism, he also urged fans to trust the company as people who’ve played the game at E3 came away pleased with the experience.

What do you think of Battlefront? Is the game a day one purchase or are you going to wait and see how the game pans out? For more, make sure to read through our hands on time with the game at E3 this year.

Star Wars Battlefront releases November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Guardian