Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Support In-Game Chat

By | 1 year ago 

As one of the more anticipated games coming this year, Star Wars Battlefront has managed to keep players content with its open beta and anticipating the final release. While some have critiqued the brief sample for lacking in some aspects, it turns out that the final product will be lacking in one major way in particular – in-game voice chat. Understandably, many aren’t too happy with this revelation.

Electronic Arts confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will not support in-game voice chat in a Twitter reply to a pair of gamers that were asking about the feature. As the developer informed members of the public via its social media account, those hoping to chat with others they’re playing with will have to do so by utilizing whichever party option is at their disposal. Long story made short, no one will be able to talk to random teammates outside of their immediate party at any point during matchmaking or multiplayer sessions.

While this seems like something more likely to impact PC players, those in charge of Battlefront‘s official Twitter account also clarified that players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be met with the same challenges. Instead, they’ll have to use party chats to interact solely with their friends during the massively multiplayer escapades.

Given the scale and intensity of a mission-oriented multiplayer game like Star Wars Battlefront, it is bizarre to see that developer DICE has opted to leave out communicating between these randomly-paired teammates. While it’s easy to immediately be disappointed by this news, however, it almost makes sense in some ways. With 40 player multiplayer battles raging in some of the larger modes, 20 people talking over themselves during any given match sounds more chaotic than helpful. That said, it still would have made sense in some of the smaller online modes.

Add on the recently announced $50 season pass for Battlefront and the removal of fan-favorite modes that appeared in past entries of the franchise, and it’s easy to see how Electronic Arts has managed to agitate so many potential consumers. Despite this, however, the beta itself has been an enjoyable in the eyes of many for a myriad of reasons, with outlandish incidents such as Luke Skywalker being crush by an AT-AT being one of the more popular ones.

Do you think in-game voice chat should have been included in Star Wars Battlefront? Do you think the final product will still be worth your hard-earned cash? Get at us in the comments.

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