‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Will Not Support Battlelog

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Yesterday fans of a galaxy far, far away had a chance to see the second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as it debuted at Star Wars Celebration and today the first gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront will debut at the same event. We don’t know a lot of the details about the shooter yet, but as we approach the big reveal, a few facts have started to slip out.

A new piece of art was added to the official website yesterday and, while checking it out, a few fans noticed that the Battlefront release date, November 17, has been added to the source code. Later today, gamers should find out if that date is accurate and, hopefully, a lot more about the game – which DICE promises is not just Battlefield with a Star Wars skin.

One of the big assumptions about Battlefront has been that the game will make use of Battlelog, the social network service supporting DICE’s Battlefield games. Battlefront assistant producer Jesper Nielsen took to the NeoGAF forums to shut that rumor down.

“The Uprise website mentions that Uprise is working on Star Wars Battlefront. While Uprise has been doing Battlelog, does that automatically mean that we will do Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront?”

“No, it won’t. That can only be an assumption, and I can tell you, no, there won’t be Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront.”

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The Battlelog tool is one of Battlefield’s lesser loved features, so we don’t expect very many people to be too heartbroken over its exclusion. The change does, however, provide more evidence that the game will not be the latest Battlefield build with a Star Wars skin slapped on top of it.

The developers have made some big promises about Star Wars Battlefront (including the hyperbolic claim that a first look at its gameplay footage will break the internet) and fans should expect to see a new suite of features that are unique to the Star Wars property. With a multiplayer shooter, it certainly seems like the game could benefit from a finely-tuned social tool that is similar to Battlelog, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see something new that serves a similar purpose.

While on the NeoGAF thread, Nielsen also took a moment to respond to a question about the game’s audio quality…

“Hehe, yeah, the sounds are what somehow always amazes me the most. We have some brilliant people working in that department, and combined with how iconic many Star Wars sounds are, it just adds so much… If I sometimes join a playtest without my headset on, I just can’t even! : )”

When dealing with a franchise that has such an iconic soundboard, it’s great to hear that it is in good hands. One of the strongest features of Star Wars: The Old Republic was the level of immersion that was added by great lightsaber, blaster, and droid sound effects. We look forward to seeing how all of those iconic sounds are incorporated into a the game’s setting.

Will you miss the Battlelog tool or do you think Star Wars Battlefront will be better off without it? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront has no official release date yet, but if the leak is accurate it will be available November 17 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF