EA Will Give 'Star Wars: Battlefront' A Battlefield-Sized Marketing Campaign

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The Star Wars story is one of the most well known in the world. It’s no wonder that Disney was willing to pay an incredible $4 billion for the acquisition of LucasFilm, and the rights to the franchise, in 2012. The mouse-focused media monster then licensed the rights to make video games based on Star Wars out to publishing powerhouse EA. The multiple title deal saw EA pick up exclusivity for ten years, although Disney retained the right to outsource mobile titles based on the sci-fi universe.

EA took no time in getting to work. In 2013 EA revealed that developer DICE, famous for its work on the first-person shooter series Battlefield, would be creating a new Star Wars: Battlefront game. The Battlefront titles were amongst the most-loved Star Wars video games, and immediately anticipation went through the roof. DICE has since teased that the relaunch of the Battlefront series will bring players to a number of iconic Star Wars locations akin to the original games, including the battle of Hoth.

Now, it looks as though there is going to be more hype in store. EA has revealed that over the coming months, the marketing campaign for DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront is going to get bigger and bigger, with more details coming soon. The game itself is set to be released this Christmas. According to Gamespot, the campaign was announced by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during this week’s Electronic Arts earnings call.

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EA are, of course, is not stranger to large marketing campaigns. The publisher is one of the largest in the industry and puts a great deal of monetary power behind the promotion of its larger titles. Dead Space 2 had a memorable – if controversial – campaign that involved commercials showing moms gameplay footage, filming their reactions to the carnage on show. Meanwhile, heavyweights like Battlefield are always tied to huge marketing strategies.

The Battlefield comparison is one that Blake Jorgensen was happy to point out. “We think there’s huge potential for the title,” said Jorgensen at the EA earnings call this week. Jorgensen added that there would be “very large activity” in terms of promotion for the title, stating that the campaign will be “similar to how we’ve though about Battlefields in the past.”

It looks as though the campaign will tie in with the release of Disney’s first Star Wars movie. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is due to release on December 18, with Star Wars: Battlefront set to launch around the same time. Jorgensen stated that the game aims to be “aligned with” The Force Awakens – although the game itself is not set to be directly based on the latest episode in the Star Wars saga. Here’s hoping that both the film and the game live up to the expectations set.

Star Wars: Battlefront is expected to release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the winter of 2015.

Source: Gamespot

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