Watch Luke Skywalker’s Epic Fail in Star Wars Battlefront

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During one of Star Wars Battlefront’s beta test matches, Luke Skywalker forgets to use the Force, and winds up shamefully defeated by an AT-AT Walker on Hoth.

Star Wars Battlefront‘s beta release date was a few days ago, and many fans of Electronic Arts’ and DICE’s reboot of the popular sci-fi franchise have been taking part in the test. The action game certainly has many interesting features – most notably the inclusion of units such as AT-ATs and characters like Luke Skywalker. As a lot of folks are well aware, even heroes like the aforementioned Jedi have their off days, and unfortunately the Force-wielding warrior slipped up and got smashed by one of a giant Walker’s legs during some Star Wars Battlefront combat.

As seen in YouTube user Zephs’ video below, Skywalker is hopping, dodging, and sprinting across the snow-strewn fields of Hoth during a match for one of the multiplayer modes known as Walker Assault. As soon as the player in the role of a Snowtrooper realizes that Luke is getting close enough for a kill, he reasonably runs away, leading Skywalker toward an AT-AT. The triumphant John Williams’ score of the Star Wars‘ Overture has thus far set the tone for a grandiose display of Jedi prowess, only to be cut short when the hero is flattened like a pancake.

Sadly, the hero dies a most demeaning death, as the top half of his body sticks out of the snow, glitching uncontrollably. Adding further insult to injury, not only has Skywalker been killed, but he also gets stepped on once more by the slowly advancing Walker.

Much like most things on the Internet, the video’s made its rounds to various sources, and has even reached the person who brought the character of Luke Skywalker to life – that is, Mark Hamill, who ostensibly took time out of his schedule working on his role in Star Citizen to check it out. In fact, the performer took to his Twitter account to mention the footage.

Recently, DICE and Electronic Arts leaked the inclusion of well known characters such as Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine. Bearing in mind the addition of the fan-favorite smuggler, it’s inevitable that the Internet will be flooded with videos featuring the lovable rogue piloting the Milennium Falcon once Battlefront goes live and he becomes a playable character.

For those who have taken part in Star Wars Battlefront‘s beta, what do you think so far? Head on over to our beta discussion for the game and sound off on your favorite aspects – as well as what you might have disliked about it.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Zephs’ YouTube Channel