Star Wars Celebration Will Livestream ‘Battlefront’ Gameplay Footage

By | 2 years ago 

With just a few days left until Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, fans are waiting with bated breath for a deluge of exciting Star Wars movie and video game news. They hope to see more from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7, but for our purposes the big-ticket item of the event is Star Wars Battlefront.

However, heading into the event there were some questions regarding what Star Wars Battlefront footage might be shown. More specifically, many fans were wondering whether the gameplay shown during the Star Wars Battlefront panel would ever make its way past the Anaheim Convention center hall. Turns out it will.

According to the Star Wars Celebration schedule, the Star Wars Battlefront panel will be streamed on as part of a full day’s worth of event coverage. The panel will begin promptly at 10am PDT, at which point gamers should prepare to have their minds blown; that is, if the first Battlefront teaser image is any indication.

While gamers are likely marking (or have already marked) their calendars, we still have little info regarding what Star Wars Battlefront footage may be shown. The expectation is that DICE and Electronic Arts will have, at the very least, a trailer on-hand, but we could be in for a substantial, E3-style presentation. We’re close enough to Battlefront’s holiday release that DICE should have a lot to show, however whether or not they will reveal all at Star Wars Celebration is unclear.

What we do know is that Star Wars Battlefront will reacquaint players with the beloved multiplayer franchise and take them to familiar locales like Hoth and Endor. Vehicles will also play a significant role in the combat, as is typical of a DICE-developed game (see: Battlefield).

Star Wars Battlefront Trooper Banner

We haven’t seen too much of the actual game, only early concept art and pre-Alpha screens, but Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be a visual powerhouse. Even those previously mentioned concept art pieces were enough to convince us that this would be something special, and the Stormtrooper teaser image is so packed with detail we can only imagine how great an actual frame will look. Expectations are very high for this one, and very soon we will know whether or not DICE and EA will be able to deliver.

What do you hope to see from the Star Wars Battlefront panel? Will you be watching the panel live online?

Star Wars Battlefront is targeting a holiday 2015 release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Star Wars Celebration panel starts April 17th at 10am PDT.

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