Star Wars Battlefront Leak Reveals Vehicles, Weapons, and More

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As one of the most anticipated games of this year, it’s no secret that Star Wars Battlefront has a ton of people eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play it. While the game has been met with excitement, it has also been received with equal amounts of skepticism, but the team developing the title at DICE has faith that those already down on the product will change their tune after some hands-on time with it.

Even though Electronic Arts isn’t quite ready to reveal more information about Star Wars Battlefront just yet, details pertaining to the game have arrived in the game’s recently launched closed alpha. After users began sifting through the code of the game, they discovered new vehicles, weapons, and even emotes.

These details arrived via NeoGAF user JumPeRJumPzZ, who has been given access to the alpha and has already begun sifting through the game’s code. While much of the content is roped off for the trial, it’s important to note that there are likely to be many more things in the final game when it arrives later this year.

Take a look at a list of all the discovered weapons in Star Wars Battlefront below:

  • E11
  • A280
  • DH17
  • DL44
  • DLT19
  • DLT20a
  • EE3 (most likely for Boba Fett Only)
  • Rocket Launcher
  • SE14c
  • T21

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT

While weapons are sure to be of substantial use in-game (barring any pacifists amongst our readership), the Battlefront franchise has always been known for its vehicular combat that contributes to the overall scale of the battles taking place. With that in mind, here’s a list of the vehicles found within the alpha’s code:

  • T-65 X-wing
  • Tie Fighter
  • Lambda Shuttle
  • Y-wing
  • Tie-Bomber (Not in the Closed Alpha)
  • Corellian Corvette
  • Nebulon B Frigate
  • ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer)
  • Mon Calamari Capital Ship
  • Home One (Admiral Ackbar’s Ship)
  • AT-ST
  • AT-AT
  • Tie Interceptor (Not in the Closed Alpha)
  • 74-Z Speeder Bike (Not in the Closed Alpha)

It’s important to note that players likely won’t be piloting the Death Star or the Home One, similarly to how it’s known that fans won’t be able to control the AT-AT. What can likely be pulled from this information, however, is that each massive station can likely be called on for support such as airstrikes or even player-controlled bombings. If there isn’t a Death Star-Centric level, then this could be a cool way to incorporate the iconic battle station into the game.

Star Wars Battlefront Tatooine

Furthermore, there are an ample amount of emotes said to be featured in Star Wars Battlefront, allowing players to signal everything from low health to applauding the actions of a nearby ally. While emoting at friends and foes alike should prove entertaining, the battlefield that players find themselves will likely dictate which of these emotion fans are expressing. The Tatooine map, for instance, should instills ample nostalgia, but it’ll also feature sunny and dawn variants – which could be evidence that the map will change from day to night while the multiplayer fray continues to rage on the planet’s surface.

Last, but not least, it appears that the Stormtroopers can be customized beyond what was previously believed through a blueprint system of sorts. This feature may not be available in the alpha, but it does show promise for anyone looking to give their in-game character a unique look. Whether or not changing the appearance of characters is done through earning additional cosmetic pieces remains to be seen, although a “blueprint” system seems to imply that. It’s a neat feature nonetheless.

What do you think of these leaked details? Are you getting stoked for Star Wars Battlefront? Get at us in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17, 2015.

Source: NeoGAF