One Star Wars Battlefront fan discovers a hidden “Instant Action” menu in the sci-fi shooter, suggesting the possibility of an offline mode being in the works.

If a recent discovery by the Reddit user and Star Wars Battlefront fan known as Uninspired Zebra is to be believed, then DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ title based on the world-renown science fiction franchise could soon be getting a mode allowing gamers to experience the release beyond its multiplayer modes with an offline setting called “Instant Action.” Should the evidence presented by the Redditor be real, then it would mean that Star Wars Battlefront fans would finally be receiving one of their most requested features.

For those unaware, Electronic Arts’ version of Star Wars Battlefront cut a lot of offline features that many of fans of the franchise adored. For instance, the game launched with no single-player campaign, developers dropped the beloved turn-based strategy mode called Galactic Conquest, and most of the title’s gameplay modes are not even available to play in offline or split-screen with friends.

As seen in the captured in-game footage below courtesy of Uninspired Zebra, a hidden menu labelled “Instant Action” is teasing immediate play for one or two players without having to go online at all. For example, the video shows that Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron are in offline states, allowing fans to “enjoy epic battles offline by yourself or with a friend.” Should developers incorporate “Instant Action,” it would be a major change to the base game, for these gameplay modes have been online-only since Battlefront launched last November.

Of course, it’s easy to simply accept “Instant Action” as a feature that’s definitely happening since it’s an aspect that fans have wanted from the very beginning of DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront. However, considering the fact that developers have yet to officially confirm the offline mode as being a possibility, it’s best to take Uninspired Zebra’s discovery with a grain of salt. After all, in this day and age, it’s incredibly easy to manipulate footage to make it show almost anything imaginable.

Nevertheless, it’s not as if DICE and Electronic Arts are unaware of fans’ desire to be able to play all of Star Wars Battlefront in an offline capacity. As it happens, developers understand the demand, with the studios recently announcing the potential for the game’s sequel in 2017 to have a single-player campaign and offline modes.

Whatever the case may be regarding Star Wars Battlefront and the prospective Instant Action mode, though, fans will just have to wait and see if the element makes its way into the game. In the meantime, those who wish to go further in their Battlefront experience can purchase the sci-fi shooter’s most recent expansion with the Bespin DLC.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Uninspired Zebra – YouTube, Reddit