'Star Wars Battlefront' Teaser Shows Battle of Hoth

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After months of speculation, we now know that we'll see the first official footage of the hotly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront at next month's Star Wars Celebration event. Ahead of that unveiling, fans have been supplied with yet another tease in the form of a new version of CG footage from the Battle of Hoth that gamers first saw a couple of years back.

The thirty-second video depicts the ice planet of Hoth torn apart by combat, with debris from ships and other vehicles littered amongst snow drifts. We see things from the perspective of a soldier on the ground, who witnesses a Snowspeeder spiral out of control before the monumental foot of an AT-AT touches down dead ahead.

It's an exciting bit of footage that shows a very different side to the Battle of Hoth to the norm. AT-ATs seem rather lumbering when you're tying up their legs from the comfort of a Snowspeeder as in Rogue Squadron — but when you're on the ground, they're a truly imposing instrument of war. Star Wars Battlefront looks set to bring a sense of grounded reality to the high adventure of the Star Wars saga.

This footage also seems to confirm a big change to the series — albeit one that fans have been expecting for some time now. Its first-person perspective would suggest that the game itself will be an FPS, although a third-person component has already been confirmed.


Previous Star Wars Battlefront games have used both perspectives, but in a slightly unusual manner. The PC version used first-person by default, while the console version used third person as the standard. Players had the opportunity to switch between the two, but the option was hidden deep within the game's settings menu, and as such many had no idea that they had any choice in the matter.

However, it seems clear that this game's strong ties to the current Battlefield series will ensure that first person perspective is the norm — the game looks set to be EA's big FPS hope for the end of the year, as Battlefield is set to be rested after the recent release of its police-based spin-off Hardline.

So, after endless speculation as to when the series would be revived and some very intriguing leaks, next month longtime fans will get their first real glimpse of what Star Wars Battlefront has to offer. Let's just hope it ends up being worth the wait.

Star Wars: Battlefront is expected to release in late 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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