These four tips can help Star Wars Battlefront players soak up experience points, win more matches, and reach the highest levels before the rest of their friends.

Star Wars Battlefront has arrived and, despite mixed reviews, plenty of gamers are ready to start powering through the shooter’s leveling system. The game starts players off with the bare minimum in terms of gear, perks, and items; so earning levels and credits is crucial for players who want to experience all that the game has to offer (and look extra cool doing so).

Although casually playing the game (likely on the PS4 with the majority of the community) will definitely allow players to level up at a normal pace over time, there are some proven strategies that can help the less patient fans climb the ranks much faster. YouTuber Like Butter gives viewers a crash course in four of the easiest ways to exponentially increase the amount of experience points that are earned per session.

Like Butter breaks his advice down into four steps, all of which have proven to be solid techniques from our experience, as well. The following are the highlights for those who don’t want to watch the entire video…

Complete Challenges

Much like Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone (pardon our affinity for Blizzard games that involving leveling up), Star Wars Battlefront also allows players to carry up to three challenges at a time.  Completing challenges rewards players with credits and experience points and opens up the slot for a new quest.

Challenges are great because they are usually goals that players can easily accomplish as soon as they know what to work on. Examples include play 3 rounds of a particular game mode (like Supremacy), get 75 kills with this type of weapon, or win 3 matches. The problem with challenges is that it’s very easy to overlook them. The active challenges are buried behind the Stats menu in the game’s home screen. Players click Stats and then can click multiplayer for more details.

From this screen, players can also spend 500 credits to reroll a challenge if it is one that they don’t want to complete. This option is pretty nice and allows players to avoid a particular game mode that they don’t enjoy.

Don’t Drop Out of Matches… Ever


Like many online multiplayer games, Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t want players dropping out of matches for any reason. It may seem like dropping out is the correct option once the win is out of reach, but this throws away the experience points that you have been working towards in the match so far.

The reward for a win is small enough that it isn’t worth dropping out of a match just because it is going to be a loss. The overall participation experience is well worth seeing things through to the finish line.

Play With Friends

Playing with friends is most beneficial when your buddies are skilled. Even if they are rookies too though, playing with any team that uses communication and strategy is a major bonus (despite the lack of in-game chat). The goal of this tip is to get players bringing in more win bonuses and finishing games more quickly. Like in most online multiplayer games, Star Wars Battlefront’s PUGs are at a pretty big disadvantage against organized squads. Get a gang together and start racking up victories.

Play Fighter Squadron


Although Fighter Squadron isn’t the most beloved mode in Star Wars Battlefront, the quick pace and high concentration of easily killable AI pilots make this mode a great place to pick up experience points. Even inexperienced pilots are able to lock on and shoot down the NPCs and all of that combat experience really starts to add up. Fighter Squadron matches max out at 10 minutes, but rarely ever go to time. To score even more experience in this runs, be sure to actively participate in the game’s objectives by protecting or shooting down cargo transports.

How is your leveling experience going so far? Are there any strategies you’ve been using to grind through the game? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided a PS4 code for this review.