A fan of Star Wars Battlefront has created an unbelievable photorealistic graphics modification, and will be releasing the mod to the public soon.

Star Wars Battlefront has only been on the frontlines for about a week now, and while most fans are working hard at leveling up, others have been finding ways to improve the game as a whole. One intrepid fan has created a stunning graphical enhancement mod for Star Wars Battlefront, and is using the attention the modification receives to direct potential employers to his LinkedIn account.

The graphical modification, entitled Toddyhancer, is capable of creating some truly stunning photorealistic screenshots. While it takes a lot for most people to get excited about seeing mostly rocks and dirt, it must be said that Tatooine has never looked so beautiful.

The graphic enhancement modification was created by a fan named Martin Bergman, who has been steadily tweaking the mod over the last few days. He’s still fine-tuning the version seen in the below screenshots, but will release it for public use at a later time.

If the name sounds familiar to some, it’s likely because he’s the same guy who made an impressive Grand Theft Auto 5 photorealism graphics mod over the summer – evidently, he knows a thing or two about quality graphics.

Here’s a few of the screenshots from Bergman’s album, which we link to below:

Tatooine may not provide the most colorful examples, but the way the light hits the rocks and the high resolution grit on the stormtroopers make for some truly stunning screenshots. We’re not sure why Martin didn’t capture any screenshots of those majestic Tusken Raiders, but hopefully the above images will do his work justice.

Martin has confirmed that the visual splendor does come at a cost, however, and those looking for smooth 60 FPS framerates will be disheartened to know that even powerful computer rigs are slowed down by about 30-40 FPS due to the increase in graphical demand. It looks like DICE did a great job setting their graphical limits in regards to the framerate, although some gamers will certainly want to download Martin’s mod regardless of framerate issues.

Star Wars Battlefront has received some generally positive reviews, although some were left wanting more from the long-awaited revival of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. DICE is working on addressing complaints about a lack of game modes, and will soon be introducing a brand new 40 player multiplayer match mode. We imagine Martin’s mod might have an even more intense framerate impact on that, but think about the screenshots one could capture!

Interested gamers can check out the full album of over 60 screenshots here. Let us know what you think of them!

Star Wars Battlefront is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Martin Bergman