When Will We See More 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Footage?

Star Wars: Battlefront

For many fans of the series around the world, 2015 is a big year for Star Wars. With the franchise's first new movie in a decade hitting cinemas this December, there's even more interest than usual in one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the last century — and that's something Electronic Arts is looking to capitalize on with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront.

The game looks set to be the big FPS competition for whatever the Call of Duty series has to offer later this year, standing in for the regular Battlefield series. After the fan backlash to Battlefield 4, that franchise is licking its wounds for a while as police-centric spinoff Hardline and Battlefront hold the fort.

However, with Hardline set to release in a matter of weeks, there's plenty of pressure on Star Wars: Battlefront to perform in the competitive holiday season. A big budget FPS with the Star Wars license shouldn't have too much trouble finding a healthy audience — but even so, we've seen very little of a title that's anticipated to release within the next nine months.

Outside of some scant concept images and the expected developer spiel about reenacting the most iconic battles from the Star Wars universe, what we know about Star Wars: Battlefront is largely limited to what we would expect from a sequel to previous games in the series. However, that might be about the change.

According to a report from StarWarsHQ, footage from the new game was shown to retail representatives at a closed-door event held this week. With gameplay seemingly ready to be seen by eyes outside of the studio, could this mean that we're close to Battlefront being shown off to the general public?

It certainly seems very likely — the question is, when? GDC 2015 is ongoing right now, but then again E3 is just around the corner. DICE have previously teased a Spring 2015 reveal, so it's all but confirmed that we're going to see more of Battlefront sooner rather than later.

With all this being said, it's worth considering for a moment just why Battlefront has been kept behind closed doors for so long. It's possible that EA is simply trying not to outshine Battlefield: Hardline ahead of its release, but Star Wars fans might have their own suspicions.

We know that DICE has been given access to sets being used for The Force Awakens to take scans to use in the game. Might Battlefront be tied more closely to the movie than we know, leaving DICE restricted in terms of what they can reveal beyond the one trailer for the film we've seen thus far? We'll just have to wait and see — but, hopefully, we won't have to wait for much longer.

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to release in late 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: StarWarsHQ

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