The REACT YouTube channel has posted a brand new video related to Star Wars Battlefront, featuring elders playing 30 minutes of first-person shooter’s Supremacy mode with the only thing to guide them being a quick primer on the controls. As is to be expected, the senior citizens take to the gameplay like a cinder block to water, for not only do they lack the comprehension of the PS4 controller, but they also don’t really understand exactly what Star Wars Battlefront is on the whole.

Each of the elders take up arms on opposing ends of the Force, with some being given the role of Rebel Alliance soldiers, while others play as the Empire’s Stormtroopers, but of course, with them being equally clueless about Battlefront‘s mechanics, it really doesn’t matter which side they’re on. In spite of that fact, most of the seniors seem to be enjoying themselves immensely, even though their characters are relentlessly killed due to their clumsiness.

Explaining the elders’ reactions to the game in complete detail would obviously do the video injustice, so its best for folks to simply watch it for themselves. Footage from the seniors’ Star Wars Battlefront session can be found in the clip below.

This isn’t the first time that the REACT channel has introduced elders to games from the current generation. Several months ago, a bunch of the people shown in the above video were pitted against one another in a Mortal Kombat X elder tournament, resulting in equal parts of shock, awe, and ineptitude. Further back, just prior to the MK X round robin event, the YouTube page showed a group of seniors the gripping intro to what’s arguably Naughty Dog’s most acclaimed release yet with the elders reacting to The Last of Us.

As many Internet denizens are aware, the Fine Brothers-founded REACT channel’s entire gimmick is based around introducing people who aren’t familiar with something and taping their typically perplexed reaction to it. Not surprisingly, the YouTube page’s most popular clips are focused on video games. So whether its filming seniors being understandably confused by stuff they rarely encounter, or documenting adolescents’ responses to games far before their time — teens’ reaction to Goldeneye 007  has over a million views — the practice seems to be incredibly lucrative and here to stay.

Which game do you think the REACT channel should have elders play next? What about a game outside of the shooter genre like The Witcher 3? How do you think the seniors would respond to all of the open world RPG’s over-the-top sex scenes? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: REACT – YouTube