With the release of Star Wars Battlefront, fans finally have a game that allows them to immerse themselves in frantic, picture perfect battles in a galaxy far, far away. While reviews for the game have been mixed, there’s no denying that Star Wars Battlefront is a title that wears its love for the source material on its sleeve.

Developer DICE and publisher EA spared no expense when paying homage to the sci-fi franchise, peppering the game with plenty of shout-outs and call-backs to some of the series’ most iconic moments. Here are all the Easter Eggs that can be found buried in Star Wars Battlefront.

Tusken Raiders

With their unnerving masks and iconic cry, the Tusken raiders are some of the most memorable aliens to inhabit the expansive Star Wars universe. These nomadic scavengers call Tatooine home, and as such can be found lurking among the rocks on the Tatooine-based levels.

In Beggar’s Canyon, a small cluster of Tusken huts can be found resting on an expanse jutting out from the cliffs. Little raiders stand around the huts, seemingly indifferent to the dogfight going on overhead. Meanwhile, in the on-foot Tatooine map, the raiders can be seem peering over cliffs at various spots on the map. Shooting at them does not harm them, but it will convince them to shoot back.

Jabba’s Palace

Jabba's Palace

Despite being a backwater mudball of a planet, Tattooine sure seems to attract some unique characters. Case in point: villainous slug crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Jabba calls the shots across the galaxy, but he prefers to do it in the opulence of his compound found on the desert planet.

Players can actually pay a visit to the Hutt’s palace, though it will be an extremely short visit. On Beggar’s Canyon, past the confines of the map, players can fly out of the canyon and spy a building off in the distance. As the ship draws closer, it becomes obvious that this spire-looking building is Jabba’s infamous palace. But the palace is so far outside of the canyon that the game will blow the player’s ship up for straying from combat.


The Wampa’s Lair/Death By Wampa

Fans will recall Luke Skywalker’s run-in with the terrifying yeti-esque Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back. The creature stores Luke for a later snack, but not before our plucky hero gets the drop on the monster and manages to escape. While Luke evaded the creature’s clutches, this Easter Egg found on the iconic ice planet Hoth proves that not everyone is quite so lucky.

In a non-descript cave found on the map, players will notice a variety of bones spread around, suggesting that a Wampa called this cave home. The Wampa cannot be encountered, but should a player commit suicide by walking off the map, the game will state that the player was “killed by a Wampa.”

The Bones Of The Krayt Dragon

C-3PO and Krayt Dragon Bones

Everyone remember Tattooine’s hungry sarlac pit, but the teeth-filled abomination isn’t the only terrifying creature that called the desert planet home. While movie viewers never get a definitive look at the creature, superfans will recall that the bones of the Krayt Dragon are encountered by the posh droid C-3PO in A New Hope.

Fans hoping that developer DICE brought authenticity to the Tatooine maps need look no further than this call-back to the obscure creature, as the dragon’s bones can be found on the edges of the “Dune Sea Exchange” map. While Battlefront has plenty of heroes and villains available, fans don’t get to utilize old man Obi-Wan or his spot-on krayt dragon impression, but it is certainly impressive to see the massive creatures skeleton up close all the same.

2-1B The Medical Droid

2-1B Medical Droid

With droids a part of every day life in the Star Wars universe, it’s understandable that organic lifeforms might farm out the more delicate jobs to the precision-minded robots. The medical field is ruled by droids, with the 21-B emerging as one of the preeminent droid designations working the field. The blue bot was trusted to lend help to Luke during his time in need, and is utilized all over by the Rebel forces.

Turns out, the Rebels sent a 21-B to Tattooine to aid in the fighting, but he proves pretty useless. Players that make their way to the furthest left-hand side of the map will find a small collection of huts, with old 21-B camped out in the middle hut. The droid will not acknowledge the player’s presence, nor will he offer any healing help, so as far as medical droids go, he’s pretty useless.

R2-D2 and C-3PO’s Intro

When players fire up Star Wars Battlefront, they are treated with a scene of a tiny droid avoiding the heavy footsteps of a lumbering AT-AT. But it turns out that Battlefront has an alternate intro that can be accessed rather easily, and it stars everyone’s favorite bickering droids.

When on the main menu, players will see R2-D2 appear on the right hand side of the screen. Once the droid shows up, it’s time to play the waiting game. After a few minutes, the screen will change to show R2 scooting around, only for C-3PO’s posh voice to interrupt the little guy’s beeps and boops. From there, the duo exchange some banter, before eventually walking off into the distance.

With EA planning plenty of DLC for Battlefront, including the hotly anticipated “Battle of Jakku” map, it’s very likely that Star Wars fans can expect more easter eggs to the beloved franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.