Xbox One owners with an active EA Access subscription can now download Star Wars Battlefront and play a ten hour preview of everything it has to offer.

Anyone who’s looking forward to the release of The Force Awakens next month will likely be similarly excited about the prospect of Star Wars Battlefront. While there’s little chance of getting to see the movie ahead of its release date, EA Access subscribers can now begin a trial of DICE’s take on the Star Wars universe.

Launched last year, EA Access allows players to pay a monthly fee in exchange for a regularly updated library of on demand games. More recently, the publisher has started offering a ten hour trial for its most hotly anticipated new releases, a full week ahead of the game’s official launch.

For all intents and purposes, subscribers are given access to the full version of the game, with no restrictions other than the time limit. In terms of Star Wars Battlefront, that means you’ll be able to dip into everything from its single player challenges to online multiplayer modes like Heroes vs. Villains.

However, the game won’t spoil fans on any of the events set to play out in The Force Awakens. The closest Battlefront gets to the new movie is the Battle of Jakku DLC which will release shortly after launch, and even that is set ahead of Episode VII.

The masses were recently given a preview of what Battlefront has to offer via the game’s open beta. However, only a couple of maps and a handful of game modes were made available, whereas there’s plenty more content for players to take for a spin in the full game.


Having Battlefront debut on EA Access is a major coup for the service, and as such, the publisher has been promoting this ten hour trial since April in an attempt to garner subscribers. It also marks a significant advantage for Microsoft, and another strike against Sony’s holiday push.

Sony rejected EA Access, refusing to allow the service to be offered on PlayStation platforms under the guise of it not being good value. Given that it could be a direct competitor to Sony’s own PlayStation Now service, it seems likely that there were other motivating factors behind the decision.

Now, Xbox players will reap the benefits with an exclusive trial of one of the year’s biggest releases. Battlefront is one of many well-hyped games to release in 2015 — it will certainly be interesting to see whether it can live up to the high expectations of the Star Wars faithful.

Star Wars Battlefront will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 17.