In the realm of multiplayer games, there are few franchises as beloved as Star Wars Battlefront. For years, the existence of the series’ third installment has run the gamut from probable, to unlikely, and back again. While gamers know that the title is in fact on its way courtesy of DICE, little else is known but that looks like it will be changing very soon.

With gamers and press alike preparing to make their yearly pilgrimage to Los Angeles for E3, Star Wars fans will have something else to add to their list of things to get excited about. According to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson while speaking among investors, Star Wars: Battlefront will be making an appearance at this year’s gaming trade show. After so many years of waiting, it looks as though gamers may finally get that detailed look at the long lusted-after title.

While little is known about what new details might be discussed regarding the title, Star Wars fans may have even more to look forward to when E3 hits. Wilson went on to say that alongside Battlefront, there’s a good chance that gamers will be seeing “other new projects in development.” Perhaps the next-gen return of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? A resurrection of Star Wars 1313? With EA using Rocksteady’s Arkham series as an influence for one of their Star Wars projects, whatever it is that’s coming is sure to be exciting.

If new, non-canonical games aren’t quite your speed, then some recent news regarding Star Wars: Battlefront 2 might resonate more. Many gamers are lamenting the coming shut-down of Gamespy servers as it means that old favorites titles like the aforementioned Battlefront 2 will soon be going offline. According to the Steam page for the title:

“As of May 31, 2014, online functionality, including network multiplayer and wireless chat, will no longer be available for this title. We regret any disappointment as a result of the shutdown of the services supporting these online features.”

It’s not all doom and gloom for the title’s online future though as PC Gamer reports that GameRanger will continue to support the title. This means that you can safely jump back onto the battlefields of the classic shooter while you wait for Star Wars to make its way to Disney Infinity this fall.

All in all, it looks as though the next few months will be full of surprises for Star Wars fans and gamers alike. In the same investor call, Wilson said that gamers can expect to see up to six new titles from EA when the industry converges on Los Angeles for E3 next month. What these reveals will entail still remains a mystery, but with the announcement that the Need For Speed franchise will be taking a year off, these mystery reveals might be primarily Star Wars titles and new IPs.

How much of Star Wars: Battlefront do you think EA will be showing off this year? What new title would you most like to see them announce at E3 2014?


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Source: Polygon, PC Gamer, Steam