After wrapping up development on Star Wars Battlefront, DICE confirms that most of the team is moving back and working on the Battlefield franchise once again.

After launching Star Wars Battlefront about a month ago, DICE isn’t sitting back and relaxing. Thanks to a Tweet from development director Dan Vanderlind, gamers received a very early word that the studio is switching gears and moving back to the immensely popular Battlefield franchise.

Vanderlind didn’t specify which Battlefield franchise the team would be moving to, whether that be Battlefield 5, a new entry in the Hardline spin-off series, or if the studio is finally ready to revisit the Bad Company series of games. EA has already confirmed a new Battlefield game for 2016, and if it is intended to be Battlefield 5, gamers are already well aware that it will be a military style first person shooter.

Vanderlind did confirm that there is still a team working on Star Wars Battlefront, presumably to make sure all of the content  and maps promised in the $50 season pass is met and that the game continues to sell and hit that magic $13 million sold mark EA set prior to launch.

No matter which Battlefield game DICE releases next, it’s clear that the developer will need to ensure that the online components are in working order on day one. Battlefield 4, the last game in the franchise that DICE released, suffered from a massively broken launch which was riddled with bugs, connectivity issues, and significant technical pitfalls. It’s clear that Battlefield Hardline learned from the past mistakes as the launch window for that title went much smoother than past entries. DICE will need to ensure that this aspect of the next Battlefield game works at launch as intended in order to win back player trust.

DICE is known for releasing a new game every year, so the news isn’t very surprising. While Visceral Games took care of this year’s entry with Battlefield Hardline, DICE hasn’t forgotten about their large Battlefield fanbase either, going as far as releasing a new map pack DLC for Battlefield 4 called Night Operations based on community feedback. The maps featured fresh takes on previously released maps with the twist being that they all take place at night.

Are you happy that DICE is switching gears and moving back to a known franchise like Battlefield or would you like to see them take another shot at the Battlefront series with the experience they now have? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Twitter