Star Wars Battlefront Dev Talks Pressure of Getting Reboot Right

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The video gaming community is expecting a lot from the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot. The multiplayer-focused shooter, which is being developed by Battlefield creator DICE, is set to launch this November, and anticipation couldn’t be higher. The recent Star Wars Battlefront gameplay trailer did little to dull the promise of huge Rebel versus Empire battles either, showcasing a thrilling battle on the ice planet of Hoth.

As it stands, DICE will be feeling an awful lot of weight on its shoulders – and not only because of the sales target of 9-10 million copies placed on the developer by publisher EA. After all, Star Wars Battlefront is following up on a pair of the most loved games from the early 2000s. It’s a heavy burden to bear, with not only video game fans but also the avid following of the Star Wars franchise expecting great things from the shooter.

Now, the developer has spoken out about the feeling of pressure due to the development of the highly-anticipated title. In an interview with GameSpot, DICE general manager Patrick Bach discussed exactly how much weight has been placed upon the studio. Bach put it rather bluntly, too, explaining that the developer feels that “there are 10,000 ways to f*** this up.”

Star Wars Battlefront Hoth Rebel

The general manager explained that due to the fanbase that Star Wars has, and the detailed and well-loved lore that accompanies any companion piece to the original trilogy, fans will be “super detailed on how we screw up.” Bach also stated that “players will be very upset” if Star Wars Battlefront does not live up to the standard of the iconic science fiction series. With that level of scrutiny in mind, it’s no wonder that both DICE and EA have had no qualms about delaying the game if it was not up to standard.

Bach also discussed the developer’s reason to omit a full single player mode from the Battlefront reboot, in favor of offline multiplayer with bots. Although both of the original games in the series included single player campaigns of some description, Bach stated that the upcoming release wants to focus on the main appeal of the franchise, and that Battlefront has “multiplayer at its core.” Rather than focusing on single player, which Bach says was “never in the plan,” instead DICE decided to give players the chance to “relive the battles from the original movies.”

Although some are bound to be disappointed in the lack of a full single player mode, early reports suggest that DICE is, at least, going to give a strong multiplayer experience. Feedback from E3 2015 demos has stated that the title captures the spirit of the films with its combat, as well as successfully replicating the feel of the series through its graphics and sound design. Meanwhile, those who cannot wait for the game’s release need not fear – players can now sign up for the Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch on November 17, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot