Star Wars Battlefront Will Have Dedicated Servers

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With the release of Star Wars Battlefront fast approaching, publisher Electronic Arts is revealing more and more details about the highly-anticipated project. EA and developer DICE have recently given fans a brief overview of the title’s hero system, where players are able to take on the role of iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett. Meanwhile, the game’s collector’s edition was also announced, which includes a Han Solo carbonite fridge.

Not all the news surrounding Star Wars Battlefront has been received positively, however. Fans of the original Battlefront titles have been disappointed in the lack of a strong single player campaign, particularly given DICE’s explanation that single player was never the developer’s priority. What’s more, the title is not going to offer players a server browser, instead relying solely on a new skill-based matchmaking system.

Understandably, some fans were worried that Star Wars Battlefront would not quite deliver its promised – and vital – online experience. It sounds as though the title will include some of the staples of solid online gameplay, however. In a recent interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, Star Wars Battlefront’s Heroes Designer Jamie Keen has confirmed that the game will use dedicated servers.

Star Wars Battlefront Hoth Rebel

When asked upon the important question of whether Star Wars Battlefront will use either peer-to-peer connections or dedicated servers, the DICE designer gave a definite answer. Keen revealed that the title will “still have dedicated servers,” potentially putting the minds of would-be players at ease. The designer went on to explain that having dedicated servers is “one of the hallmarks” of online gaming development, with Keen continuing to state that DICE wants to deliver “an unparalleled online service for the game.”

The developer will no doubt be looking to address some of the issues that plagued Battlefield 4. The fourth iteration of the smash shooter franchise suffered from tremendous server and connectivity issues, with DICE bringing in high-performance servers to try and solve some of the rubber-banding problems that plagued the title upon release. The situation was so bad that players even began protesting against the developer, and DICE will no doubt want to avoid any such issues with Star Wars Battlefront.

Those excited to see Star Wars Battlefront in action do not have long to wait, however. Electronic Arts revealed that the title’s much-wanted beta is going to arrive in early October. What’s more, the beta itself is going to be available for everyone, and will showcase the title’s offline mode as well as specific game modes including Drop Zone. Perhaps then, gamers will get a stronger idea of just how Star Wars Battlefront is shaping up.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch on November 17, 2015, and will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle