‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Won’t Include Classes or Squads

By | 1 year ago 

When Electronic Arts and DICE first announced the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, many gamers were worried the developer and publisher would simply reskin their popular Battlefield games with a Star Wars theme. However, over the last couple months, EA and DICE have shared a great deal of information to prove that this will not be the case, but that Star Wars Battlefront will be its own unique game.

Among the recent bits of information released about the shooter include the ability for players to switch between third- and first-person, a feature not available in the Battlefield series, as well as the lack of  iron sights for the game’s weapons.

Now, thanks to some new information from DICE, it looks like there will be a couple more significant differences between Battlefield and the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. One of these differences is the latter won’t implement specific classes with designated loadouts. Rather, Star Wars Battlefront players will have access to any weapons or items in the game, regardless of the character they choose. They’ll simply need to amass the right amount of XP to unlock the items they desire.

Star Wars Battlefront Endor Beacon

The next big change is instead of the well-known four or five-man squads popular in Battlefield games, Star Wars Battlefront will feature smaller two-man teams. These duos will work similarly to squads in that players will be able to spawn on each other to avoid having to drop in on specific spawn locations. However, that’s where the similarities stop. The pairings will offer some new benefits that give them a leg up on Battlefield’s squads.

For instance, players will have the opportunity to use any weapons or items unlocked by either player while in a round. This is significant since each player will have access to all of their partner’s unlocks, even if that other player is a significantly higher level and has many more unlocked items.

So while Star Wars Battlefront may not have the familiar class and squad format as Battlefield, players will still have a positive, team-focused experience. It’ll be interesting to see what other differences there are between the Battlefield series and Star Wars Battlefront, and how these features affect the gameplay when the latter releases this fall.

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Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.