Star Wars Battlefront Adds Blast Mode For Team Deathmatch Fans

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Star Wars Battlefront Blast Mode

After finally being shown off in full at E3 2015 during EA’s press conference, Star Wars Battlefront is quickly nearing its launch date later this year. While being one of the most anticipated titles of the year, DICE is working hard to convince those still skeptical that the title won’t be a simple reskin of their other popular Battlefield franchise.

So far, EA has only shown off bits of the game, from the huge multiplayer battles on planets like Hoth and Endor, to smaller co-op focused missions. Fans worried that Battlefront won’t have a ton of content out of the gate got some good news earlier today as EA revealed a brand new game mode which should appeal to fans of smaller scale battles once Star Wars Battlefront launches later this year.

Known as Blast, this mode represents DICE’s take on a classic Team Deathmatch mode within the Star Wars universe. For Star Wars Battlefront, Blast pits the Rebel Alliance against the Empire as two teams of ten players each see which side can accumulate 100 kills first. Matches are set to 10 minutes in length, so if a winner hasn’t been decided at that point, the victory goes to the team in the lead.

What DICE is hoping will separate this mode from other shooters such as Call of Duty, is that each map within this playlist has been specifically designed for the mode. So while players may have fought on Hoth within one of the other game modes, when playing Blast, a number of new map variations will be taken into effect such as time of day. Not only that, Hero units are disabled in this mode and replaced with item and weapon pickups which include gear like turrets or droid scanners.

Star Wars Battlefront Endor Walker

Interestingly enough, EA revealed yesterday in a new Community Update that a new mode would be revealed soon and excite “fans of Starfighters.” Clearly, Blast doesn’t fit in with that statement, as it deals more with smaller scale ground based combat. With Gamescom scheduled to kick off next Wednesday in Cologne, Germany, could EA and DICE be planning another new mode reveal?

Star Wars Battlefront appears to be a much larger game than EA has let on so far. While fans have only gotten a solid look at large scale multiplayer battles and the single player focused missions mode, a recently leak from a private Alpha session may have uncovered a wealth of new content previously unseen by the public. With only a few months remaining before launch to educate the public on what the game offers, fans should be expecting a good amount of information to flow out from EA.

What do you think of the new mode announcement? What else are you hoping to see from the game before it’s release later this year?

Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled for release on November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefront Website