Star Wars Battlefront Infographic: EA’s Biggest Beta Ever

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Electronic Arts reveals an infographic showing the stats behind the Star Wars Battlefront beta, which was EA’s biggest ever.

With less than a month before Star Wars Battlefront hits retail outlets across the globe, Electronic Arts has compiled the statistics from their pre-launch beta, which has pulled in some truly impressive numbers. Without a doubt, the masses are interested in a Star Wars Battlefront revival, and the open beta has garnered a laundry list of feedback from fans.

It was only a few weeks ago that DICE confirmed more than nine million players had been involved in the Star Wars Battlefront beta, and now the finalized numbers reveal that the grand total topped out at just over nine and a half million gamers. It’s a very impressive number for a beta, and it turns out that total also makes it Electronic Art’s biggest beta of all time.

With gamers having accumulated over 1.6 billion hours of playtime, the open beta will have given DICE a great idea on what aspects of the game need some fine tuning. The studio is already addressing Walker Assault balance issues, and there’s little doubt that the studio will be doing some serious patching ahead of the game going gold. The release date is set for November 17th, so with time running out we wouldn’t be surprised to see a day-one patch update, although nothing has been confirmed yet by DICE.

Without further ado, here’s the statistics behind the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront! Click on the image below to bring up the full-size version of EA’s infographic:

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Infographic

The beta brought plenty of highlights throughout its run, including moments like impressive A-Wing one-shots and even a few Luke Skywalker fails. With an average of almost 3 hours of gameplay per user, it’s safe to say that most beta testers got to see a fair share of action, and EA will be banking on most gamers leaving the beta impressed enough to go out and purchase the game (or an expensive Ultimate Edition, perhaps).

The beta for the long-awaited continuation of the Star Wars Battlefront hasn’t always merited positive feedback, however, as some gamers were disappointed to see that the title wouldn’t feature a 1080P resolution, or in-game voice chat. DICE had their reasons for both, but it’ll be up to gamers to decide how important those features are to their own gaming experience.

2015 is a year that will certainly see Star Wars mania hit a fever pitch, with both movie and game revivals slated to renew interest in a legendary franchise. There’s little doubt that the movie will smash the box office wide open, and we’ll keep you posted on how Star Wars Battlefront performs when the game is launched this November.

Did the beta impress you enough to pre-order the game, Ranters?

Star Wars Battlefront will invade store shelves everywhere on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.