EA announces the release date for the Bespin DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront — and the new batch of content is set to join the game this month.

Star Wars Battlefront was met with a warm response fans and critics alike when it launched last year, but a lack of content meant that it didn’t quite have the staying power that some of its predecessors possessed. However, DLC is on its way to flesh out the experience, with the Bespin pack set to release later this month.

Bespin is the second of four planned expansions set to release in support of Star Wars Battlefront. The first was the Outer Rim DLC pack that released in January of this year; content set in the Death Star is planned for fall 2016, and a further expansion that’s currently under wraps is in development for 2017.

Season pass owners will be able to venture to Bespin as early as June 21, whereas other players will have to wait another two weeks to buy the expansion a la carte. While the game’s previous DLC offering drew some criticism for a lack of content, there should be no such claims this time around.

Four new maps are set to be introduced to the game, centering around the setting of Cloud City, which was prominently featured in The Empire Strikes Back. Players can expect to engage in combat around familiar locales like the carbon-freezing chamber where Han Solo was set in carbonite.

Star Wars Battlefront Greedo

Two new characters are set to join the fray. Fan favourite Lando Calrissian will be playable — which is only appropriate, given that he’s the Baron Administrator of Cloud City — while the mysterious, unkempt bounty hunter Dengar is also being introduced to even things up for the forces of the dark side.

As well as a new game mode, there will also be new weapons, star cards and vehicles to spice up gameplay. Once again, the expansion’s setting has dictated some of the content being added in; you’ll be able to pilot the iconic Cloud Car used by guards patrolling the skies of Cloud City.

We can perhaps expect to hear more detailed information about the Bespin expansion at E3 in a few days time. However, Star Wars fans may well be looking for something meatier than an expansion at the event — we know EA has several projects in development based on the property, but they remain a mystery at this time.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: IGN