The Bespin DLC for DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ sci-fi shooter Star Wars Battlefront arrives today, bringing a sizeable new patch for players of the game.

As seen in the launch trailer for Star Wars Battlefront‘s latest paid expansion pack which incorporates the gas giant of Bespin to the game’s already diverse and bountiful set of environments, fans who purchased it ought to now find plenty of action with the add-on’s introduction of Cloud City, new heroes Lando Calrissian and Dengar, and much more, as the DLC’s release date is today. Not to mention, fans of DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ sci-fi shooter should encounter a pretty large client update that’s free, even if they didn’t buy the Bespin package.

Star Wars Battlefront‘s free universal patch provides all players with a rank increase from 60 to 70, on top of a new appearance unlock for both Rebel and Imperial sides, which receive a Bespin wing guard and Shock Trooper, respectively. Plus, the update changes Princess Leia’s honor guard personal troops into Royal Guards, and Emperor Palpatine’s bodyguards into Alderaan Guards.

The patch itself brings a lot more updates and changes to Star Wars Battlefront, including, but not limited to all-encompassing bug and glitch fixes, UI improvements, as well as tweaks to Heroes, weapons, game modes, and Star Cards. Fans can find a full rundown of the general patch notes over on the next page.


Those who bought Star Wars Battlefront‘s Bespin DLC, on the other hand, will also be privy to a new Hutt Contract, a playable Cloud Car vehicle, five new maps, new weapons, fresh Star Cards, and perhaps most importantly, a brand new game mode called Sabotage. Fans taking on others in Sabotage will find themselves either as the Rebels or the Empire, with the former attempting to blow up Tibanna Gas Generators to power down the Empire’s tractor beams in order to defend their extraction point and escape from Cloud City, while those taking on the role of the latter must stop the Rebels at all cost.

Should Star Wars Battlefront fans choose to extend their experience with the game’s Bespin DLC, it will set them back $15 as a standalone purchase, or they can get the title’s Season Pass for $50 to not only receive today’s expansion, but also the forthcoming add-ons of the Death Star, an as-of-yet unannounced package, as well as the previously released Outer Rim.

While Star Wars Battlefront offers plenty in the way of multiplayer action, some fans of the franchise might still be miffed by its lack of a single player campaign. However, the developers at DICE and Electronic Arts are well aware of Star Wars Battlefront fans’ desire for a solo mode in the game, and have mentioned that it’s possible for the the title’s sequel in 2017 to include single player as a feature.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts

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