'Star Wars: Battlefront' Will Have Its Own Battlelog

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Although Star Wars: Battlefront may have originally started as its own, LucasArts-developed project, the sale of LucasFilm to Disney has changed things. Now, all Star Wars game development, outside of a few mobile releases, belongs to Electronic Arts. To put it another way, Battlefront is now an EA product.

With that comes a certain expectation both in terms of quality and support. All games within the Electronic Arts family are held to a certain standard (whether they deliver is up for debate), and they also receive a generous amount of love when it comes to mobile and social layers. It’s for that reason that Star Wars: Battlefront will have its own version of Battlelog when it launches later this year.

Battlelog, for those who may not know, is Electronic Arts’ mobile and social experience for Battlefield releases. It’s a way for gamers to tap into their Battlefield account from anywhere in the world and manage features like clan messages and microtransaction purchases.

Battlelog Expands to Star Wars

Thus far Battlelog has been a purely Battlefield accouterment, focused on DICE’s hugely popular multiplayer shooter franchise. But, since DICE has taken over development of the Battlefront series, they have decided it best to give the upcoming Star Wars game the same type of attention. The infrastructure is there, after all, so it seems appropriate to take advantage of it.

Battlelog Developer Uprise Working on Battlefront App

That being said, it’s unclear at this early juncture what type of Battlelog features Star Wars: Battlefront players might expect. We figure there will be some form of clan management available, as well as loadout customization, but that's just guessing. Since DICE has yet to really hammer down what Battlefront offers players - we've only seen brief snippets of alpha footage - it’s hard to say what exactly the interface or options might look like. Most assume that EA is holding off the big reveal until their E3 2015 press conference, where it is sure to be all Star Wars all the time.

Also, in case any Battlefield fans were wondering, Uprise, the studio that develops the Battlelog mobile apps, confirmed that a Battlefield Hardline version is on the way as well. So, fans of Visceral Games’ upcoming cops vs. robbers release will be able to manage their accounts on the go as well.

How do you feel about Battlefront getting Battlelog support? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Star Wars Battlefront releases later this year.

Source: Uprise

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