Electronic Arts launches a Star Wars Battlefront app called the Battlefront Companion, and it’s available on the Web, as well as Android and iOS devices.

In order to get players acclimated with some of Star Wars Battlefront‘s features, Electronic Arts has released the game’s Battlefront Companion app ahead of the sci-fi shooter’s release date next week. Not only does the application allow fans to compare their own stats against friends’, but it also lets gamers view the title’s card collection, and customize characters’ in-game loadouts. Plus, the app will let folks send notifications to their pals to join up in Star Wars Battlefront and play through the main portion of the game.

Additionally, the Battlefront Companion app contains a fun little mini-game called Base Command. Essentially, it’s modeled after tower defense titles’ gameplay, but it’s also coupled with elements found in card games. The main goal of Base Command is for players to survive waves of Imperial Troops while protecting Rebel Bases located in the center of the map. And much like Star Wars Battlefront itself, fans can choose Star Cards to represent weapons, power-ups, vehicles, and a whole lot more.

While playing Base Command, fans will earn credits, which can be used in the app, or in Star Wars Battlefront upon its release. It’s also possible to use the credits collected from the main game in the app should players choose to do so. Plus, all of the Star Cards unlocked during the mini-game will remain in players’ decks.


Of course, with the implementation of the Battlefront Companion app, some will complain about the possibility of paid materials making their way into Base Command. However, while EA asserts that microtransactions don’t currently exist in the mini-game, it doesn’t mean they won’t be included in the future. After all, a company reserves the right to change its stance on public practices within reason, such as Sony’s decision to recently allow its Darth Vader PS4 controller to be sold separately from the game’s PlayStation console bundle.

Today’s announcement is nothing new for the gaming industry. Star Wars Battlefront will simply join the ranks of a myriad of other games with external software dedicated to the base title. Last year, Destiny released a companion app that let players track their progress throughout the action-RPG, and also permitted fans to work on their inventory and gear loadout, much like Battlefront‘s will. Furthermore, even Mortal Kombat X has an application of its own with a Faction War mini-game that gives fans the chance to unlock exclusive content for the main game.

The release of the Battlefront Companion app is obviously an attempt by Electronic Arts to keep fans engaged with the Star Wars Battlefront brand for as long as possible, but it’s important to question whether or not such content is extraneous at this point. Sure, the Base Command mini-game will be a delightful diversion for a while, but most gamers will almost assuredly choose to stick with the title’s core gameplay instead.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA Star Wars (via VG 24/7)