Star Wars Battlefront Player One Shots An A-Wing

By | 1 year ago 

Footage uploaded to YouTube sees an impressive A-Wing takedown pulled off by a player taking part in the ongoing open beta for Star Wars Battlefront.

Following the start of the Star Wars Battlefront open beta yesterday, the masses are finally getting their chance to preview the game ahead of its release later in the year. Already, we’re seeing footage of some impressive feats uploaded to the web for all to see.

One particularly notable clip sees a player named AzzyTheMLGPro take down an A-Wing with a single well-placed shot from a blaster. It’s no doubt an early addition to the highlight reel from his time with the game, but it’s also a potent example of how well DICE has managed to capture the feeling of the Star Wars franchise.

The A-Wing is known for sacrificing resiliency for sheer speed and maneuverability, but it’s worth noting that the it will typically take more than one blast to remove one from the skies. Although the footage is a little unclear, it seems that the player manages to either snipe its pilot or simply deal the final bit of damage required to destroy the ship.

Between impressive vehicle kills, expert use of hero characters like Darth Vade,  and the improbable efficiency of thermal detonators, Star Wars Battlefront is already providing plenty of GIF-worthy moments that are being shared online. EA will no doubt be hoping that this interest helps the title meet its high sales potential.

While the purpose of a beta is primarily to test out the game, the marketing power of this sort of preview can’t be denied. It’s a great way of getting players hooked ahead of time, not to mention a potent source of exposure for a title in the all-important build-up to its release date.

Bungie did a great deal to popularize the practice with the Halo 3 beta way back in 2007, and also made the most of the strategy in the run-up to the launch of Destiny last year. Moving forward, it seems likely that most major multiplayer shooters will offer some kind of beta to iron out issues and ensnare a player base.

While Star Wars Battlefront is already proving to be quite divisive — pleasing both fans of Battlefront II and those players looking for a Battlefield substitute was never going to be easy — the buzz from those taking part in the beta seems to be broadly positive. Hopefully, the full game will manage to be a wholly satisfactory return for the series.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17. The beta test is scheduled to run until October 12.

Source: VG247