‘Star Wars Battlefront’ To Run at 60 FPS, Local Splitscreen Confirmed

By | 2 years ago 

Star Wars Battlefront Endor Troops

EA and Dice made quite a splash at the Star Wars Celebration event last Friday by finally detailing and showing off the highly anticipated shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. With an impressive trailer showing off some big moments during the Battle for Endor, fans finally got a first look at the title in action.

With the excitement still riding high, Star Wars Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus took to Twitter to provide some new information and reveal some interesting tidbits.

For players looking for technical info, Fegraeus was able to confirm that the title would be running at 60 frames per second, though no information was detailed on resolution. While the question specifically mentions consoles, it would be fair to assume that the PC version will be right there alongside the other versions, if not better.

Fans also received more details from Fegraeus in regards to maps and co-op. Interestingly enough, Star Wars Battlefront will indeed be shipping with more than eight maps. In fact, DICE is working to give each planet in the game more than two maps at launch. With the scheduled DLC expansion, The Battle of Jakku, set to release not far after the main game, players will seemingly have a vast selection of maps to fight on.

The question of split screen also came up during this impromptu Q&A session and Fegraeus was able to confirm that Battlefront would only support local split screen in a mode call “Missions.” In Missions, Star Wars Battlefront gamers will be able to play with AI controlled bots.

As DICE continues to promise that Star Wars Battlefield isn’t just a reskinned Battlefield clone, the newly revealed information does appear to confirm that DICE is working hard to provide an authentic and unique experience for players. To help push the game beyond the scope of a typical Battlefield game, DICE was given full access to the Star Wars archive courtesy of LucasArts. Thanks to that level of access and guidance on lore by LucasArts, DICE was able to craft in-game items that are a “perfect replication” of what fans see in the movies along with canon-appropriate solutions to typical gameplay-driven problems.

While all this confirmed information is exciting, what else are you hoping to see in the game when it releases?

Star Wars: Battlefront releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year on November 17th.

Source: Twitter