Using the SweetFX mod, Youtuber Jackfrags runs Star Wars Battlefront in stunning 4K at 60FPS, making the space shooter nearly indistinguishable from real life.

In the lead-up to Star Wars Battlefront’s November 17th release date, anticipation for the game was red hot. But now, with the title just shy of a month on the shelves, fan reception seems to have cooled.

Gamers expecting a game that continued the beloved Pandemic Studios series were instead greeted with a relatively barebones first person shooter that seemed to lack depth. While EA and DICE promise to support the title with continuing DLC releases, gamers are left wondering if Star Wars Battlefront will be able to retain its player base.

But while opinions on the Battlefront‘s gameplay vary, there is one aspect that everyone seems to agree on: the game is gorgeous. Running on DICE’s tried-and-true Frostbite engine, the title is as close as we’ve gotten to setting foot in a galaxy far, far away. When run on its highest graphical setting, Battlefront looked nearly indistinguishable from real life. But now an enterprising modder has come along and released a mod that seeks to further blur the line between Battlefront’s game world and real life.

Dubbed the “SweetFX Real Life Mod,” this shader injection mod brings a myriad of post-processing changes to Battlefront that serves to beef up the game’s graphics. SweetFX allows gamers to fiddle with the game’s sharpness and color-tweak options, along with opening up the utilization of SMAA anti-aliasing. The end results are spectacular.

In a video posted to Youtube by a poster calling himself “jackfrags,” the full effects of the Real Life Mod are showcased. Jackfrags runs the title at a staggering 4K resolution, highlighting graphics so crisp and impressive that it boggles the mind. Despite the jaw dropping graphics, the game continues to run at a silky smooth 60FPS.

Fans looking for a picturesque trek through the battlefields of Star Wars can download the mod now, but Jackfrags warns that the mod makes the game so graphically demanding that it may cause issues on older PCs, so game with caution. Graphics mods are typically the most intense and therefore require the most high end rigs.

While debate has raged on with regards to how important graphics are for a game, there is no denying that the real life mod makes Star Wars Battlefront look like a blast. With SweetFX and the soon to be released Toddyhancer tweaking the game to produce stunning results, at least gamers will have a game that looks beautiful, even if the gameplay has some flaws.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.