Star Wars Battlefront 2 players mod in many of the assets from the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3, including ships and characters from the prequel trilogy.

While the Star Wars Battlefront series is now operating under the Electronic Arts umbrella with developer DICE at the helm, most have not forgotten the franchise’s roots as a LucasArts title. In fact, some die-hard fans are trying to keep the spirit of the original Star Wars Battlefront alive, even going so far as to create their own “sequels” using unofficial assets.

The game itself may no longer have an active development, but mods for Star Wars Battlefront 2 are seemingly stronger than they have ever been, with the latest mod pushing the game to new levels. Nothing is official, but fans have taken unused assets from Star Wars Battlefront 3 and essentially brought the game to life in in a mod called Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy.

As the name implies, the Star Wars mod hopes to preserve the legacy of its cancelled successor by using as many of the assets that were meant to go into Battlefront 3. Among other things, the mod brings the prequel trilogy into the fold, adding ships, troopers, and other iconic imagery from Episodes 1 through 3.

Check out the Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy mod below:

It’s true that at one point LucasArts was working on Star Wars Battlefront 3, but eventually the project was scrapped. Then LucasArts and LucasFilm were bought by Disney and the rights for most video game development moved to EA, who in turn jumpstarted several projects, including a reboot of Star Wars Battlefront.

At the time fans didn’t even know that a Star Wars Battlefront 3 was a possibility, but eventually word of the sequel soon surfaced. That was eventually followed up by footage and art from the game, which is now being repurposed for this Battlefront 2 mod.


Having not played the mod it’s hard to speak to the quality of its gameplay, but from a visual standpoint it looks like the fans have done well to preserve the presumed spirit of Star Wars Battlefront 3. The graphics are dated, but that doesn’t make the mod any less appealing.

While gamers may never see Star Wars Battlefront 3 as it was truly envisioned, new franchise developer DICE seems to be getting a better handle on what does and doesn’t work for fans. No question the Battlefront reboot was successful, but many argued that it was missing some important pieces, like a single player campaign, and Electronic Arts has responded. And for those who want to imagine the Battlefront franchise as it originally was, this new mod appears to offer more content to experience.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.