Star Wars Battlefront 3 Video Shows Off Cancelled Game’s Campaign


A video surfaces on YouTube detailing gameplay from the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3, showing off some of the game’s campaign mode via a training mission.

Although last year did see the return of the Star Wars Battlefront series, many fans of the original games felt that the new title was a fairly different beast from its predecessors. Although DICE certainly did a commendable job of making its game feel like an authentic Star Wars experience, a lack of content was a mark against the title for many gamers. In particular, the exclusion of a single player story mode was a step too far for many, including John Boyega.

However, a third main Star Wars Battlefront game with a campaign mode was once on the cards, and footage of this title has recently appeared. YouTube users have been treated to a video by FuZaH, showing a glimpse of the game in action, with a focus on the single player mode via a training mission. Originally cancelled back in 2008, many fans were wondering exactly how the game was shaping up, and this gives a good indicator of how far Free Radical was through the project.

Of course, being a cancelled game, things aren’t exactly as smooth as one might expect from a finished product. In particular, graphical and audio issues are obviously apparent in this build of the game, but nonetheless it’s an interesting look at what could have been had the game been able to reach completion. Those interested in seeing the footage can view the first part below.


Although the original Star Wars Battlefront games still had a huge focus on the multiplayer experience, the titles also held a great amount of quality when it game to single player content. In particular, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been praised for its campaign and single player gameplay, with a memorable story that quite successfully tied together the varied maps of the core game. That wide array of gameplay, however, makes the most recent Star Wars Battlefront feel even starker in comparison.

Indeed, DICE’s reimagining of the series has gained a little notoriety for its lack of general content, particularly when it comes to solo players. Although it has still gained plenty of fans, the general quality of the game very much seemed to be on the aesthetic side, and this resulted in a somewhat steep downturn in daily users. Although DICE has been releasing further content for the game, such as the upcoming Death Star DLC, for many it has felt like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Whether future Star Wars Battlefront games will see a larger scope for single player gameplay remains to be seen, however. DICE and EA have stated that the next Battlefront title is scheduled to release in 2017, and will include content from the new trilogy of movies, but it has yet to be confirmed if single player will be included. Perhaps EA is satisfied that solo players will be sated by the upcoming Visceral Star Wars project.

Source: YouTube

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