Battlefront 2 Dev Hints at VR Support

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It's been a exciting week for the Star Wars community, with a huge amount of information being released about Star Wars Battlefront 2. The upcoming sequel to the 2015 reboot wowed fans of the sci-fi franchise with its first official trailer, and many gamers are intrigued to learn exactly what they can expect from the game, both at launch and going forward. As it turns out, virtual reality support could be on the cards at some point.

That is, according to Criterion developer Matt Webster. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Webster was asked about the chance of Star Wars Battlefront 2 having virtual reality missions in future. Although Webster's response didn't give away any details, it certainly points towards something VR-related. "We are not talking about VR at the moment for Battlefront 2," said Webster in the interview. "That's a story for another day."

VR compatibility of some description would certainly be a welcome addition to the game. After all, the virtual reality X-Wing mission for Star Wars Battlefront mission was a refreshing addition to the base game, and the PlayStation VR exclusive was a much-needed extra single player experience for the title.


Of course, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is upping the single player gameplay alongside the more traditional multiplayer action. Featuring a story penned by the writer of the acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line, gamers are hoping that there will be more of a rewarding single player experience present - and if more VR content is also available then all the better.

Fully integrating any potential VR missions could be another matter entirely, however. Since it seems as though Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have much more of a campaign to follow, complete with entirely new protagonist Iden Versio alongside icons such as Luke Skywalker himself, it may well be that any virtual reality additions may have to remain as stand-alone missions.

Before then, though, there are bound to be some finer details to iron out. Hopefully, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will improve upon the original - with or without virtual reality support.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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