It’s a tough time to be EA’s customer support, as users all over the Internet make it clear that they’re disappointed by the company’s latest moves surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2. After yesterday’s outrage at the 40 hours needed to unlock Darth Vader, and the fact that credits are issued based on time played rather than skill level, EA appears to have taken precautions against pre-order cancellation by removing its refund button entirely.

According to a handful of fans online, EA’s customer portal no longer shows the ‘Request Refund’ button that was present up until yesterday. Although some users claim that this could be because Star Wars Battlefront 2 has launched for EA Access members, the company’s Great Game Guarantee states that titles purchased on Origin can be refuneded within 24 hours of first opening the game, within seven days of purchasing, or within seven days of the game’s release date for pre-orders.


Many users believe that this new change is a response to a large amount of pre-order cancellations that the game is sure to have been exposed to after EA’s customer support received one of the most downvoted comments in Reddit history. Although the company is now in full damage-control mode, reducing hero unlock costs down to just 10 hours, this might not prove enough for some of the more irate of Star Wars fans out there.

Those who are looking to refund their copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 here should be able to do so at EA’s official refund page, even if the customer portal doesn’t show the refund button. Users attempting to contact customer support appear to be having a tough time so far thanks to extremely busy phone lines.

Even before the EA Access launch, the newest Star Wars Battlefront title drew concern over its integrated loot box system. With more and more titles introducing loot boxes into their core gameplay, pay-to-win accusations will always be thrown around, especially when those drops can be purchased easily with real money.

Since the developer is likely going to be making further changes to the title in order to keep its remaining fan-base happy, the best time to pick up the game might be when Star Wars Battlefront 2 goes on sale one month after launch. Thanks to the release of the upcoming Star Wars film, EA will be reducing the price of its latest game and releasing tie-in DLC for all users, making this a good time to see if Battlefront 2 has improved enough to justify a purchase.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases November 17, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, EA