Since its reveal earlier this year, EA and DICE have shown that the companies have listened to feedback with regards to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Not only has the game added a highly requested single player campaign, but Battlefront 2 has expanded its multiplayer side to include characters from all three different Star Wars eras, highly customizable classes, and loot boxes. A recent gameplay video showing the loot box system in action has raised questions regarding the potential for being able to pay to win.

The video in question shows a loot box system similar to ones seen in other games like Overwatch, where opening a chest rewards items of different rarities. The boxes grant star cards for Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer, which are gameplay-affecting powers up such as power weapons, more health, gameplay modifiers, and other ability modifiers for heroes. While these loot crates can be earned for simply playing, players can also purchase new crates using in-game currency or by spending actual money.

For fans however, things get a little dicey when duplicate items are found. After receiving a duplicate item from a loot crate, the gear is automatically converted into crafting parts, which can then be put towards buying a completely different star card or upgrading an existing one. Knowing that crates can be unlocked by using real world money sparked fears that players could continue to buy chests and use the large sums of crafting parts to gain an advantage much quicker over others who may not want to spend any money.

Loot crates are nothing new for DICE or EA as Battlefield 1 also features unlockable crates. The difference between both games however is that the battlepacksĀ in Battlefield 1 only contain cosmetic skins for weapons and vehicles and don’t offer items that have any sort of affect on gameplay. With a few months left before Star Wars Battlefront 2 hit store shelves, it’s unclear just how big of an advantage this will create for players willing to throw money at the game.

Are you concerned that the core gameplay could be affected by this design decision? Share your thoughts with us below.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to release on November 17, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: BattlefrontUpdates