EA has given some early details of what players can expect from the upcoming sequel to last year’s Star Wars Battlefront, and it seems that the game will go beyond the original trilogy.

Star Wars Battlefront was an enormous financial success for EA, even if some fans felt is fell short of its predecessors. Now, the publisher has revealed one of the ways that its sequel is going to be ‘bigger and better’ than DICE’s first attempt at the property.

In an investor call that took place yesterday, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront will feature content from ‘the new movies’. While there’s no reference to any particular film, it seems safe to assume that he’s talking about Disney’s current output, rather than the prequels.

Last year’s game stuck to the settings and characters of the original trilogy, outside of a DLC package that added a Jakku map. It’s easy to see why the decision was made to focus on areas of the property that most fans are fond of, but some were disappointed that it didn’t tackle more of the Star Wars universe.

Assuming that Battlefront 2 will launch in 2017, there will be plenty of brand new, untapped content to use as source material. The game could potentially cover both Episode VII and Episode VIII, as well as wartime spin-off Rogue One, which is set to hit theaters later this year.


While we’ll no doubt see locations like Starkiller Base and perhaps even Takodana from The Force Awakens, the fact that Rogue One has such a focus on military operations suggests we’ll see the movie well represented in Battlefront 2. The upcoming Episode VIII is more of a question mark, as Disney will no doubt be eager to keep the next chapter under wraps until its theatrical release.

However, fans won’t be satisfied by a sequel that offers new maps, but doesn’t improve upon its predecessor in other areas. For many, some kind of engaging single-player content is an essential component of any future Battlefront game, after DICE’s first attempt only offered up a few limp training missions.

We’re finally starting to see EA’s upcoming slate of Star Wars games take shape, not that anyone will be too surprised to learn that Battlefront will be getting a follow-up. Last year’s game got a few things wrong, but it deserves credit for nailing the tone of the property — here’s hoping DICE can knock it out of the park on the second attempt.

Source: VG247