Star Wars Battlefront 2: New Character Revealed by Arrow Actor

Star Wars Battlefront 2 new character

A new Star Wars Battlefront 2 character has been revealed by way of Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne. Fans were introduced to brand new franchise character (and the lead of Battlefront 2's story campaign) Iden Versio last week.

Posting on social media, Paul Blackthorne who plays Quentin Lance in DC Comics TV show Arrow, confirmed that he will be in Star Wars Battlefront 2. His character will reportedly be called Gideon Hask and he will be a member of the Inferno Squad according to tweets by the actor, suggesting that he may well be fighting alongside the game's female lead as she is the commander of that particular squadron.

Unfortunately, Blackthorne didn't offer many details about Hask or how he fits into the game's story which is set after the fall of the Death Star according to the Battlefront 2 announcement trailer. However, the actor did tell fans that he has done the "voice," "mocap," and "everything" for the character, saying that "for good or for worse, Hask will look like me" as the process is just that "sophisticated." The Arrow star also said that he has had "a blast" working on the game over the last few months.

The Arrow actor isn't the only famous face attached to the game as the aforementioned lead, Iden, is played by True Blood actress Janina Gavankar. And the two actors are also joined by well-known video game talent, as Star Wars Battlefront 2 is being written by the Spec Ops: The Line writer, Walt Williams. That game wasn't exactly a huge seller but it was massively praised for its writing so with the combined talent of this cast and the interest in the Star Wars universe as is, Battlefront 2 could well be a phenomenal game.

Sadly, fans will have to wait a little while until they get any more information about Iden, Gideon, and other characters of the game's single-player campaign. EA will bring Star Wars Battlefront 2 to E3 2017, where fans can get another glimpse at the game ahead of its November release date. But that's still over a month away, so they'll have to keep their fingers crossed that the game's cast decides to release a few more tidbits about the game on social media beforehand.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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