Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Last Jedi DLC Gameplay & Details Leak

Star Wars Battlefront 2 free The Last Jedi DLC

Although the sentiment surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2 is decidedly negative, the developers behind the game still have the Last Jedi themed DLC release planned for later this month. And now dataminers have helped give players some more info and gameplay footage showcasing what they can expect from the upcoming add-on content.

When DICE and Electronic Arts first announced Star Wars Battlefront 2’s The Last Jedi DLC, they confirmed that Finn and Captain Phasma are the two hero characters joining the game's roster. On top of that, the planet Crait seen in every Last Jedi film trailer will be added as a new destination for every multiplayer mode.

Outside of that not much was known about The Last Jedi DLC but these datamines have shed some light, specifically, on Captain Phasma and a new Faction season in the game. As can be expected, Phasma stands out from the crowd with her shiny chrome design, although she does look and move a lot like a First Order/Stormtrooper. Phasma’s abilities, however, will be familiar to those that play the Heavy heroes (like Chewbacca), albeit with some differences.

She has the overload shot for doing extra damage with her primary weapon and a Fortify ability that adds an overshield for direct engagements. Phasma’s new abilities include an item that, when placed on the ground, will heal all nearby enemies. The healing well could be a particularly useful ability for modes like Galactic Assault, where players will be grouped around a single area trying to defend it and survive as best they can. Phasma's arsenal also includes a laser gate that damages any that cross it.

The Last Jedi DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will also kick off the first Faction Season for the game, which has players picking a side between the Resistance and the First Order. As a supporter of either faction, players will be given individual weekly challenges that they can complete and earn a Star Card Booster Crate.

There will also be faction-wide challenges that, if completed, will unlock an Epic rarity Star Card for Finn (Resistance) or Captain Phasma (First Order). And whichever faction ultimately wins the season will earn an Epic Booster Crate.

battlefront 2 faction season screen

In addition to more details about The Last Jedi DLC’s main content, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 leak also reveals some new weapons, abilities, and gadgets that are in the game but have yet to be unlocked. For example, there is a fast-firing pistol for the Assault class that is nowhere to be found in the game. Perhaps these items will also release with The Last Jedi DLC or they could be remnants of early designs.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s The Last Jedi DLC releases December 13, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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