Star Wars Battlefront 2 Needs Better Anti-Cheat to Be Successful, Say Fans


Star Wars Battlefront 2 will need a strong anti-cheat system in order to be a huge success, say fans looking forward to the game. The upcoming first-person shooter was announced during the Star Wars Celebration over the weekend.

On social media players argue that a robust anti-cheat system is the only way that Star Wars Battlefront 2 can make an impact with players on PC, in particular. While the game has already received cheers for its promise to include a single-player story campaign, one fan argues that developer DICE needs to "up [its] game" as players "running around with damage hacks and infinite jumppacks" will 'ruin' the game and players will be turned off of playing it as a result.

While fans recognize that there will likely be hacks and cheating as there is with any game - especially those on PC - they heavily encourage DICE to take advances steps. Some of these include massively improving FairFight, the anti-cheat system used in Star Wars Battlefront, or "dump it" for other anti-cheat systems such as BattleEye.

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Fans also implore the developer to "drop a banhammer when finding even a single sniff of cheating," perhaps taking cues from Blizzard which names and shames Overwatch cheaters and has even gone as far as to sue the companies that make the cheats. A system that prevents people from cheating is just as important as a system that both punishes and deters players from cheating, is the argument from fans.

The cheating problem with DICE's first Battlefront game is so severe, say some players, that they are unable to find game lobbies without cheaters, while others say that the cheaters are the reason why they stopped playing the game altogether. The Battlefront player base has massively skewed in favor of consoles since launch, but maybe if DICE makes a concerted effort to improve its anti-cheat system with Star Wars Battlefront 2, more people will play on the platform.

Of course, a better anti-cheat system isn't the only thing that DICE can do to get more Star Wars Battlefront 2 players on PC. Making split-screen available for all players (and not just those who are playing on consoles, as is the case now) is another suggestion, but for now, making sure cheaters are stopped in their tracks would be a good start.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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