Without a doubt, many fans would agree that Janina Gavankar’s presentation for Star Wars Battlefront 2 was easily the best part of Electronic Arts E3 2017 presentation last month, as the actress portraying Commander Iden Versio in the forthcoming first-person shooter did a bang-up job exuding an Empirical air, while also showing her fervent love for the franchise. Now, in order to thank Gavankar for her work playing Versio and promoting the game almost non-stop since its announcement, EA gifted her a glorious-looking custom helmet based on the one her character wears in the title.

As seen in the tweet below, while Janina Gavankar attended D23 over the weekend to discuss Star Wars Battlefront 2, the actress clearly shows her enthusiasm for being attached to the project, as she declares her hopes to cosplay as Iden Versio with official gear sometime in the future. Interestingly enough, Electronic Arts seemed to anticipate this, so the publisher commissioned the prop-making experts at Tested to create an Inferno Squad helmet for her, which inadvertently causes Gavankar to tear up at the gifting.

Surely, if Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans weren’t already enamored by Janina Gavankar, then it will be almost impossible to not fall for the actress’ charms, as she’s clearly passionate about the game and all things Star Wars. Not to mention, it’s obvious that she possesses loads of talent, particularly when one takes into account the vast differences between her spirited personality, and the brooding disposition she displays as Commander Iden Versio in the game.

Of course, while Gavankar may be the perfect person to take on the role of the protagonist in Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s story mode, there’s still the matter of finding out whether or not the plot itself is actually any good, and if the gameplay of the title as a whole will be engaging. Thankfully, as far as the latter element is concerned, fans will be able to try out Battlefront 2‘s multiplayer in October by way of an open beta before the shooter launches in November. With any luck, DICE and EA have vastly improved the mechanics of the 2015 release for a more satisfying sequel.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to release on November 17, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: EAStarWars – Twitter