After closing down LucasArts and sadly cancelling production on high-potential titles including Star Wars 1313 and what was to become Star Wars: Battlefront III (now in the works at DICE), Disney was quick to sign an exclusive Star Wars video game licensing deal with Electronic Arts to build new triple-A Star Wars experiences. The timing of a push towards Star Wars games couldn’t be better since Disney is developing a new film trilogy beginning with Episode VII in 2015 and the games for over a decade have seemingly fallen by the way side and lost their former glory.

Disney was planning Star Wars games with EA from the get-go and upcoming titles will be comprised of a mix between original games and returning classic franchises. One such new title or series will likely be titled Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

The following list is part of an even larger list of domain names recently secured by Lucasfilm, as noted by Fusible. Normally, theories about what the domains could be for would include merchandise, comics, theme park attractions, etc., but in this case it just so happens that Electronic Arts has held the domain for several years. With the timing of Lucasfilm picking up the rest of them, and them having a partnership with EA, this leads us to believe we’re seeing the planning of one of the upcoming Star Wars games.

The rather generic name “attack squadron” seems to pay homage to the beloved and critically acclaimed Rogue Squadron games that came to exclusive to Nintendo platforms (on the console front) and PC years ago before disappearing like most other awesome Star Wars series (see: X-Wing, Jedi Knight, etc.). With such a generic title, Attack Squadron could simply be a mobile title of free-to-play browser-based game, not unlike Battlefield Heroes or Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

The domains were only registered over the weekend and are now officially under Disney’s name. It’s possible that with Disney’s D23 event occurring next weekend that the company is preparing for an announcement and unveiling of whatever Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is. Could it be the Star Wars game that Visceral Games is working on?

Keep in mind, the last set of Star Wars domain names registered by Lucasfilm and Disney included Star Wars Rebels which we found out shortly thereafter was an animated TV series, so there’s very purposeful reason behind the timing of the companies protecting their IP.

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Source: Fusible