New ‘Star Wars’ Arcade Machine Costs $100,000

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Being a fan of video games can sometimes be an expensive hobby. Gamers interested in multiplayer-focused asymmetrical shooter Evolve needed a heavy wallet to purchase every tidbit of content available, with over $130 of day-one DLC and a gigantic $750 Goliath statue. Meanwhile, Star Citizen players are also no stranger to large price tags, with the limited edition Javelin ship costing $2,500.

Any Star Wars fan looking to have a complete video game collection also faces a challenge on their hands. The much-loved sci-fi franchise has been a seemingly constant presence in the gaming scene, from The Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600 to this year’s highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront reboot. What’s more, characters from the series are going to take to Disney Infinity, giving Star Wars fanatics a whole new set of items to collect.

A recent addition to the Star Wars gaming family may take the cake, however. Namco Bandai has created a premium arcade machine based on the Star Wars universe, dubbed Star Wars: Battle Pod. The machine has already made it into selected arcades, but Namco Bandai has also revealed that Star Wars: Battle Pod units will be available for home purchase. There’s just one catch: the machines will cost up to $100,000.

Star Wars Battle Pod 2

The $100,000 version of Star Wars: Battle Pod is a premium edition unit, and comes complete with leather seats and an exclusive design based on either the Rebel Alliance or Darth Vader. Buyers of the premium version will also receive a plate engraved with the player’s name and a unique serial number, as well as – apparently – exclusive carpeting. Just what this carpeting does to warrant the $100,000 price tag remains to be seen, but we’re quietly hopeful that it’s made out of Wookiee hair.

The ever so slightly more frugal Star Wars fan will still have a chance to own the Battle Pod. Unfortunately, these players will have to settle for the standard arcade edition, which comes in at a mere $35,000. Orders begin from June 18, whilst those looking for more information on the premier edition will have to look out for news on the official website from mid-June onwards.

Star Wars: Battle Pod gives players the chance to play through a number of beloved scenes from the film series’ history, including the likes of the Battle of Hoth and the Death Star trench run. The machine is said to offer gamers a truly authentic Star Wars gaming experience, with a domed screen to help with immersion as well as rumbling seats and pressurized air shooters. So far, Star Wars: Battle Pod has had a positive reception from those who have played it – but will people love the machine enough to spend $100,000 on a home version?

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