The world may not have even known about Star Wars 1313 until a few days ago, but it didn’t take long for it to earn its place among one of the most anticipated. While the big publishers were busy showing off sequels to established franchises, LucasArts has unveiled the first gameplay video of the bounty hunter action title that will be aimed at a more ‘mature’ audience.

The initial spotlight on the game showed a brief image of the character facial animation, but the new video goes far beyond. The first allusions made by the developers to blurring the lines between cinematic and gameplay triggered thoughts of Uncharted. The new gameplay demos courtesy of GameTrailers certainly confirms that suspicion.

Those Star Wars fans who reacted somewhat negatively to the cartoon-ish aesthetic of The Old Republic should be pleased, as the character design and animations are much closer to a realistic simulation, a la Force Unleashed. Third person shooting and traversal may be nothing particularly new, but see for yourself:

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay

There is still not much to go on about the protagonist, and whether he is or is not Boba Fett. The Force Unleashed proved that fans aren’t against buying into a new character, even one extremely integral to the overall series’ plot. If this bounty hunter is a fully original character, then it’s likely he’ll come into contact with a number of more recognizable Star Wars characters. Coruscant is only so big, after all.

If this gun-for-hire does turn out to be Boba Fett, then LucasArts could have a budding new franchise on their hands. Fett’s place within George Lucas’ extended universe goes far beyond freezing Han Solo in carbonite, having traveled to some of the farthest corners of the Republic. If the gameplay is able to stand on its own, and ILM’s engine work is consistently as smooth as what’s shown in the demo, then there’s no reason to think that the developers won’t commit to a new series.

Fans were promised better Star Wars games, and until now we have yet to see LucasArts target the hardcore audience with substance over marketing. With “mature” being the operative word when the developers discuss Star Wars 1313‘s direction, hopefully an M-Rated trailer will show how far they are willing to go.

Star Wars 1313 has not been given a release date.

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