‘Star Wars 1313’ & ‘First Assault’ Devs Launch Real-Time Strategy Kickstarter

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, it’s beginning to look like ancient Rome is back in video gaming vogue, what with the recent release of Rome II: Total War, and the imminent arrival of Microsoft’s own Ryse: Son of Rome this November. With interest in the imperial era certain to peak behind these large-scale virtual invasions, developers at freshly founded Sea Cliff Interactive are eager to add their latest title, Super Roman Conquest, to the upcoming scuffle.

Composed of former-Lucasarts employees, Sea Cliff’s meager legions boast plenty of wily veterans, drawn as they are from a number of bloody and brief development campaigns, including cancelled Star Wars efforts Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. Having spent the last number of years mapping out the grimy – not to mention graphically stunning – underbelly of the Star Wars universe, one suspects the time was right for a complete sea change at 3-man Sea Cliff . The result is a game that’s about as far removed from the realms of science fiction fantasy as possible, and situated on the very bluntest edge of graphical design.

Super Roman Conquest takes place on a pixelated 2.5D plane, allowing the game’s 16-bit legions to march into both foreground and back, on their path toward total Roman victory. Described as a mash-up of “Total War and FTL, wrapped in a 16-bit side-scrolling package”, the finished game also promises to feature:

  • Siege tactics, including buildable bridges, ladders, rams and more
  • An overworld campaign map, featuring RTS-alike financial and military management
  • Non-linear campaigning, with enemies that react differently in every playthrough
  • A shifting weather system
  • Upgradeable troops, towns and equipment
  • An in-game forum replicating the decision making might of the Roman senate

Debuting on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com this week, the fledgling hack-em-up title is hoping to generate $30,000 in development cash by the November 22, 2013. Following two days of feverish activity, the campaign appears to be off to a relatively successful start, generating roughly twice its $1000-per-day target, and accruing a total of $4,600 at the time of writing.

While hardly groundbreaking in appearance or execution, the concept of a Roman-themed Plants vs. Zombies in reverse — a gore-fueled “Tower Attack” game, if you will — should provide plenty of entertainment given the opportunity. With influences that range from Gladiator to Fez and FTL, the game’s designers are certainly aiming high with their first independent title, but will this expansive low-tech effort prove too much for the tiny 3-man team?

Are you planning on investing in Super Roman Conquest? What’s the most amount of money you’d consider contributing to a dream title? Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all the biggest and best Kickstarter projects, right here on Game Rant.


Super Roman Conquest is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release, with closed BETA access slated to begin over the coming months. SRC will be made available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Ouya platforms.

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