When LucasArts revealed Star Wars 1313, many fans speculated that the game’s main character, a gruff Han Solo-looking fellow, was simply a placeholder character. Corroborated by more than a few rumors, the prevailing sentiment was that Star Wars 1313 was being positioned as a Boba Fett game, but LucasArts was not yet ready to announce it as such. Then, after Star Wars 1313 was shelved, news broke that Star Wars 1313 was, in fact, a Boba Fett game.

Now, fans are left considering what could have been, knowing full well that Star Wars 1313 is likely dead. They can enjoy the latest in what seems to be a never-ending stream of concept art, though; this newest collection is from Gustavo Mendonca.

The images are, honestly, exactly what fans could have hoped for from a Boba Fett Star Wars game. They are dimly lit, high in contrast, and filled with plenty of Boba Fett action shots.

As far as story details or gameplay clues, the concept art collection is fairly limited. We know that the game was primarily set on the 1,313th level of the vast city-planet Coruscant, where a younger Boba Fett was in search of a bounty for Jabba the Hutt.

What we saw at E3 2012, made it seem like LucasArts was going for a Star Wars meets Uncharted approach, but that, as we now know, was more of a proof of concept demo.

While the legacy of Star Wars 1313 will live on in concept art like this, the Star Wars brand as a whole still has a promising future ahead of it. With Electronic Arts now in control of the franchise’s video game development rights, they have tasked some heavy hitters (DICE, BioWare, Visceral Games) with crafting the future of Star Wars, which includes (finally!) Star Wars: Battlefront.

That being said, the promise shown by Star Wars 1313 suggests that Electronic Arts should consider the viability of a game starring Boba Fett in the future. He’s easily one of the most iconic characters in the entire franchise and a fan-favorite, and never got a fair shake.

What do you think of this latest batch of concept art from Star Wars 1313? Do you think the game might ever get revitalized?

Source: Gustavo Mendonca (via Kotaku)