While the Star Wars franchise has recently seen a resurgence in the eyes of many longtime fans thanks to upcoming games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, many still lament the loss of Star Wars 1313 four years ago. Under development at LucasArts prior to its eventual acquisition by Disney, the title consistently wowed the crowds with its impressive demos and next-generation technology at major trade shows. Unfortunately for the excited masses, the Boba Fett inspired action adventure game would never see the light of day after the studio was closed for good and the trademark expired.

The former designer of Star Wars 1313 at LucasArts, Matthias Worch, shed some light on the development process of the game and its effect on his personal life through a lengthy Twitter discussion yesterday. During the Disney acquisition, Worch was actually in a hospital with his wife, as they had just learned she was having twins. While excited, Worch also felt as though he was drowning faced with the prospect of newborns while also having to deal with a high level of uncertainty back at the studio. This feeling intensified after Disney swooped in and ultimately shuttered the studio and canceled the rest of the Star Wars related games in development.

The story Worch paints helps to serve as a reminder to others with just how many people are directly affected by these games. While the Disney acquisition had the studio on edge, Worch confirmed that the team remained inspired and motivated during the final months, constantly adding in new elements or creating more levels for the team to come in and play. In the end, it wasn’t meant to be and Worch eventually caught on with Hanger 13 and Take Two, helping to create a game he’s really proud of in Mafia 3.

I remember a team that stuck together until the very end and kept making SW1313 more awesome, because everyone believed in one another.

Though Worch makes a habit of not contributing to behind-the-scenes reports, his detailed account of his time working on Star Wars 1313 was triggered by a book called Blood, Sweat, & Pixels. The recently released Jason Schreier book provides a behind the scenes look at a number of games that suffered through a tougher than expected development period. Star Wars 1313 at LucasArts is one of the games covered in the book, providing detailed accounts of the rocky life of the game and its eventual cancellation

Outside of a handful of gameplay demos, concept art, and previews, not much is known about Star Wars 1313. Set on the 1,313th level of the vast city-planet of Coruscant, the game likely centered around Boba Fett, who was hunting a bounty target for the mob boss, Jabba the Hutt. The striking aspect of this game was its cinematic presentation, which managed to draw comparisons to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise. Though many believed this game would revitalize the struggling brand, fans will sadly never get the chance to experience the studio’s vision.

Source: Matthias Worch Twitter