E3 2015: ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire’ Expansion Trailer

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Star Wars: The Old Republic never turned out to be the WoW killer that some MMO fans predicted it would be, but the game still has a strong community of free-to-play and subscription players. The game’s original subscription requirement is a thing of the past and the game’s profit model is now based around free-to-play content and optional purchases. To keep the game’s existing audience engaged, Electronic Arts and Bioware are releasing the next expansion, Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire, free of charge, as well.

Although the spiritual successor to Knights of the Old Republic didn’t quite pick up the same kind of cult following as the original RPGs, there’s no denying that SWTOR is full of great stories. The cinematic and fully voice-acted narration is part of what makes the game different from other MMOs, in both good and bad ways. Regardless of what you think about the game’s style, there’s no denying that it has some of the most stunning cinematic trailers out there.

The cinematic introduction to the upcoming free-to-play expansion is another stellar entry in the SWTOR trailer collection. The story-based trailer focuses on two brothers and their individual struggles with their father. As expected in the Star Wars universe, things take a dark turn for the family…

Star Wars Old Republic Fallen Empire

In addition to bringing along an amazing cinematic trailer, the Fallen Empires expansion also aims to deliver on content. The level cap will be raised to 65 when Fallen Empire arrives and will give players instant access to a level 60 character, so players can jump right into the new high-level story additions.

The last few SWTOR expansions haven’t done a great job bringing old players back and reinvigorating the community, but this perhaps this cinematic trailer, paired with the Star Wars hype of 2015, will do the trick.

What do you think of the Fallen Empires trailer? Would you consider returning to the game to learn more about this story? Let us know in the comments.

No release date was announced for Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire.

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