Star Trek is boldly going where they haven’t before… into the MMORPG genre. If you’ve been following the history of this game’s development, you know the rough ride its been through on warp speed to get to where it is today.

Massively posted five new in-game images for Star Trek Online and we grabbed our favorite three to show you.

star trek online screen shot - romulanstar trek online screen shot - playerstar trek online screen shot - klingonstar trek online screen shot - constitutionstar trek online screen shot - borg

The graphics on the ships and effects sure look dated. That being said, we need to wait for the latest gameplay videos to fairly gauge it.

I used to be excited for this game when it was first announced, when we heard that we could control a ship with our friends on it and travel throughout its corridors. Now, with every player a captain of their own vessel, everyone by themselves on their ships, I’m not very excited. It doesn’t show the vastness or team work and the feeling of being a part of a crew.

I want to take my away team and go from my ship to the ground, or even fly their manually with a shuttle and all my buds be human-controlled. And better yet, the other away team on the ground also be from your ship, also be human-controlled. Now that’s a Trek experience worth subscribing too!

What do you think of the latest screens and does this game excite you?

Star Trek Online is expected to release on the PC sometime in the first quarter next year.

Source: Massively