Azeroth… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the sea-ship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new instances; to seek out new life and new EXP; to boldly go where no horde has gone before.

Cryptic, the brains behind Star Trek Online, don’t seem too interested in trying to lure away World of Warcraft players over to the dark side. What, wrong franchise? Oh.

Star Trek Online has had a fantastic start to its life so far, quickly proving itself as a top contender in the ever growing MMOG genre. Yet the question on everyone’s lips is: Can it beat World of Warcraft? Cryptic’s repsonse: Does it have to?

Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer for Cryptic, spoke to CVG recently and said he doesn’t believe there is a need to compete with World of Warcraft.

“We think we’ve made something that Star Trek fans and gamers alike will enjoy. Maybe some of those fans will come from WoW and maybe some will be totally new to the MMOG genre.

“We’re not trying to directly compete with WoW and if our game grows to that success then that would be awesome but for now we’re just worried about getting a good game out there that people will enjoy”.

World of Warcraft has been seemingly chugging along now forever, I can’t even remember a time pre-WoW (if there ever was), and I don’t think any MMOG will ever reach the same lofty heights. But the fact is we don’t need another WoW, we want something a little different, and that’s exactly what Cryptic have given us.

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Source: CVG